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25mg Δ9
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Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa)

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Nature meets elegance with this live sativa terpene profile that comes to life with a fresh piney flavor, hints of citrus, and of course, 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

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Live rosin, the finest of concentrates.

No artificial colors, flavors, or solvents. Just a rich golden sap pressed from bubble hash made only with fresh, uncured hemp of the highest quality.

This exquisite pine profile with citrus notes owes itself to nothing more than fine-tuned craft and Mother nature herself.

Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa) Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa)

Sativa, a daytime delight for connoisseurs

Preserved in live rosin, the sativa terpene profile prominently features pinene (found in dill, basil, and conifers) and limone (citrus, ginger, and chamomile).

Many find that sativas offer the perfect “lift” for social events, artistic endeavors, outdoor activities, and household chores.

Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa) Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa)

Energy, euphoria, and creativity from legal THC*

Our Delta-9 THC is derived from hemp and Farm Bill compliant making it legal for adults 21 and up in all 50 states. You’re welcome, and enjoy.

*The effects of cannabinoids will vary from person to person.

Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa) Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa)

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Included / Specs
  • 10x Sativa Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies
  • 25mg hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, 5mg live rosin per gummy
  • Vegan & gluten-free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Yolanda G. (Pennsylvania)
Effects: Creative, Relaxed
Fun Product

Really liked this product. I had some before I started making my dinner meal. Seemed like I was more creative in my cooking and relaxed. Will buy again. Thanks guys, you're great!

Joseph D.
Daytime delight

Smooth and uplifting and perfect for the day. A break from all the sweetness for once too!

Chelsey J.
Will buy again and again :)

I love this product. It's delicious and makes me feel better. I'm buying some for friends. Thank you for making such wonderful gummies!

Anonymous (Texas)

These taste so great and really work! Was not sure if they would but i love them!

Kelly W. (Texas)
Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness, energy, and joy in a gummy that is long lasting, about to place another order this week. They are a part of my daily routine hometown hero has the best products on the market hands down

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Worry-Free Guarantee

Worry-Free Guarantee

If you buy something and don't like it for any reason, send it back and we'll give you gift card to try something else. You don't have to worry - we guarantee you'll be taken care of.

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