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Delta 8 Eatery Bundle

Delta 8 Eatery Bundle

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Four gooey marshmallow cereal edibles, crafted by an artisan bakery here in Texas, each with a few hundred milligrams of Delta-8 THC. What else can be said? Coolest. Bake sale. Ever.

  • 2 Rainbow Squares
  • 2 Cinna Crunch Squares
  • 1,200mg Delta-8 THC per bundle

Life is full of tough decisions. You may find yourself in the mood for a gooey marshmallow cereal delight made with hemp-derived Delta-8. But do you want it in a fruity or cinnamon flavor? You can stop shuddering. Hometown Hero is coming to the rescue with our Bake Sale Bundle.

In this bundle, you get 2 Cinna Crunch Squares and 2 Rainbow Squares. And each of them is scored in quarters. That's right, squares upon squares. Great for sharing or just having them all to yourself. Made with federally legal Delta-8, there's no need to look behind your back with these edibles (unless someone is trying to sneak in a bite).


2x Cinna Crunch Squares

Cinnamon and rice cereal bound with gooey marshmallow with 400mg of Delta-8

2x Rainbow Squares

Fruity rice crisps at 200mg natural Delta-8 scored in 50mg quarters

Plus, these aren't your parents' brownies. Because first of all, they're not brownies. Secondly, they're made by an artisan baker here in Texas. Sticky pans? Who has time for that? Not you, of course. You've got better things to do, like seeing a concert or sitting on your couch. And say goodbye to grassy aftertaste. We hardly knew ya.

So there you have it. Artisan-made Delta-8 baked goods that help raise money for veterans in need. Have you been to a cooler bake sale? We doubt it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anonymous (Georgia)

Everything I was hoping for plus more! Does everything you want/need it to do! Thanks for supporting our veterans hometown heroes and I will be ordering much more these products are great!

Mark B. (Florida)
Where to start?

Where to start.
I have sampled many of Hometown Hero's products. 1st thank you Hometown Hero for supporting USA's Heros, our troops.
The Cinna Crunch Squares are the bomb. Not to sweet and with a punch. Ok, I worn you, I use these products for self pleasure. You men know what I mean. 1/4 square ok, 1/2 square ok, a whole square be ready for an explosive experience. The rice crispy square to sweet! I should have eaten it like the YouTube video guy, like cereal.
Now the "Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares" Spectacular. I love you long long time. You know what I mean, men. I mentioned men because that's what I am. Women I would like to know, does it intensify your orgasm? Your man might like to know? More in next review.

LaChuChu (Texas)

I rcvd this bundle via hometown hero’s one of a kind exemplary customer service. I was not fond of the d9 cocoa square and had ordered (2) of them….i contacted HH for an exchange and they let me know they meant it when they said satisfaction guaranteed—buy our products worry free—i was advised not to worry abt the cocoa squares and that theyd send me my favorite edibles (the rainbow and cinnamon one was all i wanted to exchange for the (2) coca squares). Well, as you can see i rcvd (2) rainbow and (2) cinnamon squares as compensation for my less than satisfactory exp with the coca squares. Im never disappointed by their quick, reliable, and satisfactory service! Had to leave a positive review—thanks Dom, thanks Jacob! <3 also THESE ARE DELICIOUS & EFFECTIVE !

Zoe B. (Texas)
Super tasty!

Seriously, they're as good as they look. This was my first experience with either of these products, so I'm glad they were offered as a bundle. Really happy I got the bundle because I love both of them! I can see these being my new go-to for delta 8.

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Worry-Free Guarantee

If you buy something and don't like it for any reason, send it back and we'll give you gift card to try something else. You don't have to worry - we guarantee you'll be taken care of.

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