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What is the difference between CBD and Delta 8 THC?

Updated: January 7, 2021

As the legalization phenomenon is currently sweeping the nation, we see doors open up for cannabis research and new products to hit the market, some of which even nationwide. Under these new legalization laws, cannabis research and development is at an all-time high. With this new research, we see new and ever-evolving cannabis products being discovered and developed at what seems like a daily rate at this point.

As it’s hard to keep up with all of this new stuff hitting shelves, both online and at your local head shops, you might miss out on something big and even federally legal, something like Delta 8 THC!


Delta 8 THC Chemical Structure

While everyone and their mother have heard about something like CBD, a cannabinoid product available for purchase nationwide also happens to have numerous benefits without the high (or psychoactive) effects seen from other cannabis products! If CBD happens not to be strong enough for your intended purposes, then Delta 8 THC might be the product for you.

Delta 8 THC is a relatively new craze in the cannabis community, quickly growing in popularity with a promising future in medical and recreational use. Delta 8 THC is rapidly becoming many users new go-to cannabis, with calming side effects and unique, uplifting properties compared to the heavy high people feel when consuming the cannabinoid Delta 9 THC, compound found in marijuana. So if you are looking for something somewhere between CBD and marijuana in terms of the strength of the effects, Delta 8 THC is the perfect cannabinoid for you.

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If you are a person who has been on the internet in the last four years (or a coffee shop or a yoga studio or around any millennial), chances are you have heard about CBD! Don’t know what CBD is? Well, you are in luck because we consider ourselves the experts.

CBD bottle with molecule

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is an active compound found in the cannabis and hemp plants that sees its many users get many of the numerous benefits seen from consuming something along the lines of marijuana-infused with the compound Delta 9 THC. Unfortunately, the psychoactive effects felt after consuming something like Delta 9 THC can be quite overwhelming to some users, negating the positive effects.

Well, you are in luck because CBD is legally required to have under a .3% Delta 9 THC content. Having Delta 9 THC content this low means users do not feel those sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects they would wish to avoid while still getting the relaxing ones. CBD has also been found to have many numerous health benefits, but we will leave that to the health experts over at Healthline to break it down for you completely!

We expand upon this cannabinoid more over at What is CBD?


When choosing what kind of cannabis products you will purchase, you must perform your research into the many different options you can choose from and see which products will give you your desired effects. There are dozens of high-quality resources worldwide, and not to sound biased, but even the website you are currently on has dozens of informational blog posts to help you make that choice a bit easier.

cannabis picture with leaf

The most significant difference between Delta 8 THC and CBD are the side effects seen post-consumption. CBD has a much more subtle effect on its users, which is hard to put into words due to its internal effects. Most CBD users find that consistent use of CBD over a couple of days to a few weeks is the best way to start seeing the benefits from this cannabinoid start to kick in. If you’re just looking for a mild, constant sense of relaxation and focus, CBD is probably the way to go.

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When it comes to Delta 8 THC, you may find that this compound is familiar to Delta 9 THC but with far less potency and generally different sensations and effects for its users. Users describe their Delta 8 experience as a relaxing body sensation with a feeling of euphoria without the overwhelming, heady side effects that can come from Delta 9 THC consumption.

Delta 8 THC also provides a more visceral and profound uplifting feeling than that of something more subdued like CBD. If you haven’t “felt” the effects of CBD before, we promise that will not be the case when you try the likes of Delta 8 THC. While CBD can have better results the longer you use it, Delta 8 THC can be used in single doses while seeing the benefits more immediately, traditionally within 30 min to up to 3 hours.

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To put it simply, of course, you can mix your CBD with Delta 8 THC! With a mix, you could see the effects of both cannabinoids take effect on your body for a truly pleasurable experience. CBD can reduce the sharper effects of Delta 8 THC and generally smooth it’s effects out a bit. If you like Delta 8 THC but tend to be a bit overwhelmed, but the side effects, mixing it with some CBD can help take a bit of that edge off and help subdue the overwhelming side effects. Make sure to research the intended impact for any cannabinoid you may purchase and plan on consuming, but also don’t be afraid to mix and match different strains to get the perfect result for precisely what you are looking for. Just experiment in moderation and know your limits when it comes to anything cannabis.


Failed Drug Test Image

Are you worried about failing a drug test for either probationary or career reasons? Delta 8 THC (and vast amounts of CBD) are strongly not recommended as they can trigger a positive response. We expand on that over at does Delta 8 THC show up on a drug test?


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We encourage you to reach out to us with any suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns via our customer service line or any of our social media accounts, @HometownHeroCBD! We have our experts standing by! Now that you are the expert on the differences between CBD and Delta 8, why not continue to expand your knowledge and learn all about the differences between Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC?

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