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How to Use Rosin?

Sarah Jackson
Published November 3, 2021

While rosin is primarily associated with dabbing, this concentrate is by far one of the most versatile hemp products you can use today.

Rosin is chosen by many for its richness of terpenes and bold taste, but however you decide to use it, you will find each consumption method will deliver an out-of-the-world experience. To explore all that rosin has to offer you, keep reading as we cover the different ways you can enjoy this solventless extract.

How to Smoke Rosin?

smoking rosin

Deciding which method is right for you usually comes with some trial and error, but hopefully, by the time you finish reading this guide, you can avoid all of the mistakes that most newbies make.

For those of you who do not have experience with rosin but want to dip your toes in the water, smoking it will be the perfect way to try it.

Use Rosin in Your Bowl

Adding hemp rosin to the top of a packed bowl will allow you to experience the power of rosin and flower together. This method doesn’t require any special tools or extra time. Simply grab your favorite bowl and pack it CBD flower as you normally would, and then sprinkle a small amount of hemp rosin on top of the flower.

Remember, rosin is more powerful than regular flower, so if you’re used to taking a few puffs, try inhaling less this time.

Add Rosin to Your Joints and Blunts

Rolling CBD joints with hemp rosin is a straightforward way to try it without needing any tools. If you are new to rolling, we have an easy-to-follow guide on how to roll joints, but if you are one of the few that have mastered this skill, the following steps will not be difficult at all.

First, make sure you have extra rolling paper since rosin tends to stick to things it shouldn’t. Next, you will take your CBD flower and place it on the paper. Once you have the right amount of flower, you will add your rosin and tightly roll your joint.

How to Dab Rosin?

If we didn’t go over dabbing, would this even be a rosin article? Jokes aside, for those of you looking to find the simplest way to dab rosin, we are here to break it down so you can do it effectively and efficiently.

dab rosin

The first step is making sure you have all the right tools. While you will find a variety of different brands and gear to choose from, we have a budget-friendly list to help you get the most from your rosin with the least amount of effort. The basic equipment you will need will include:

  • Dab rig (Water Pipe)

  • Nail (Bowl)

  • Dab Torch

  • Dabber

Once you have everything, you want to lay it out on a clean flat surface and fill your water pipe with fresh water. Now, you will need to choose—cold start or hot start.

Cold start dabbing is when you drop the concentrate into an unheated bowl, then apply heat until it has reached its appropriate temperature. The advantages of this technique will allow you to taste the full flavor of rosin while providing a more gentle and controllable experience.

With hot start dabbing, you will heat the bowl before placing the oil inside the nail. After the heat has been applied, you will then place the rosin inside the bowl. Going this route will make sure your rosin isn’t wasted, but fair warning, this isn’t recommended for those with a low tolerance. Unless you like to live your life on the wild side, we recommend cold dabbing.

How to Vape Rosin?

vaping rosin

Vaping hemp rosin is arguably one of the easiest, most convenient options compared to dabbing and smoking rosin. With vaporizers, there is little to no set-up; all you need to do is purchase a compatible device, dabber, and of course—high-quality hemp concentrate.

After you have everything, turn on your dab pen and use your dabber to fill the chamber with wax. Keep in mind, without a dabber, applying the hemp rosin may be a messy and challenging task. To avoid this, make sure you have a tool made to handle concentrates.

All in all, if setting up a dab rig sounds too complicated, you might want to look into purchasing a vaporizer. Not only are pens user-friendly, but they provide cannabis consumers the ability to test out rosin without feeling too overwhelmed.

Make Edibles with Rosin

Hemp-infused edibles are a top choice for many. But as the market continues to expand, the edibles we have grown to love are evolving and taken to a whole new level— live rosin edibles.

If you enjoy rosin as much as we do, then you have likely had it with you a time or two, but have you ever wondered about making your own rosin edibles? We won’t be surprised if you have attempted to make hemp brownies in the past, but your end-product may have had a pungent after-taste.

Trust us, we know this taste can be too intense, which in the end, will make you rethink all of the hours you spent on baking. But when you use rosin instead of flower, it is like skipping the stairs and taking the elevator.

Rather than spending hours decarboxylating your hemp, with rosin, all you need to do is place it in a pan along with butter. From there, you will mix it on low heat until it is blended together.  After the liquid becomes one, you have the freedom to put it in cookies, brownies, or in your evening dinner.

Final Thoughts

From smoking to making edibles, you will find that rosin will offer you a completely different experience than just flower alone. While each method has its advantages, whichever one you choose should be based on your lifestyle and what you hope to achieve.

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