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Delta 8 Disposable (Delta Red)
Delta 8 Disposable (Delta Red)
Delta 8 Disposable (Delta Red)
Delta 8 Disposable (Delta Red)

Delta 8 Disposable (Delta Red)

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Mellow berry flavor? It's there. Earthy skunkiness? That too. It's not a knockoff. It's a Delta-8 homage to the Strawberry Cough strain with no charging needed.

  • Precharged disposable vape pen
  • 1,000mg Delta-8 THC
  • ~600 puffs per pen

Imagine the sweet mellowness of fresh strawberries. Now, imagine this flavor paired with a mild undertone of earthy skunkiness. Imagine no more. Hometown Hero's Delta Red Disposable is our handcrafted tribute to the Strawberry Cough cannabis strain. With natural terpenes (aromatic plant compounds) these disposables deliver the same flavor profile as the original.

Chargers? You won't need chargers where you're going. That is if you are going anywhere. At about 600 puffs per pen, this Strawberry Cough Delta 8 disposable is perfect whether you're on the couch or on the go.

With such a long charge, you only need to worry about your friends becoming Bogarts. The signature hints of strawberry paired with a mild earthiness are hard to resist.

And don't forget. All Hometown Hero Delta 8 products come with at least two guarantees. The first? We only use Delta 8 extracted directly from hemp (none of that isomerization business). The second? Every purchase you make with us contributes to our mission of helping organizations that support veterans.

Order online to have this beloved flavor delivered to your door.

  • ~600 puffs per pen last you a long time whether you're binging shows or binging nature
  • 1000mg of Delta 8 THC gives you a federally legal Strawberry Cough that is legal in many states
  • Easy draw activation means no buttons and no fussing - just take a puff and enjoy
  • At a small size with no sharp edges, it fits perfectly in a purse and won't jab through pockets
  • No charging, which means can you take it out of the packaging and it's ready to go

DO NOT CHARGE: Please do not attempt to charge any Hometown Hero disposable vape product. If this product does not work as expected, please take a picture and send a description of the problem to We can assist you in resolving any issues you may have and provide you with a free replacement if the product is determined to be defective.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
B. (Pennsylvania)
First time purchasing, won't be the last...

Ordered a disposable vape for the first time, after trying and loving the gummies, figured I would give this a try for a less intense feeling (sometimes the gummies leave me feeling too good!). This is a quality product. After about 2-3 hits, you can really start to feel the effects. I like this because you have more control over the dosage, so if you need more, you just inhale! It's simple and leaves me feeling pleasantly relaxed, but I'm still able to function and go about my day. The taste is great too. The only "negative" and I realize this is nitpicking, sometimes it gets "stuck". So you have to give it a few harder tugs until it loosens up, but once you do that, it's fine. Definitely a great product and I would recommend. The best part is (besides the pleasant feeling after a few hits), it is very discrete. There is no smell at all.

Danielle M. (Ohio)

I was extremely skeptical that this would do anything for me. This thing is great. Tastes great and is so easy to use. I will be buying again and again. Going to try some other flavors! I had a friend give me a disposable from another company and it was not up to par with this. Had a weird taste with it... nothing like that with this vape!

Jody Y. (Florida)
Absolutely love it!

I like the flavor, and it helps relax you and very calming, perfect for after a long work day....

Irene (Texas)
Delta 8 disposal cart

These carts are amazing!!! Disposable and convenient and the white gave me a feeling of calm and relaxing effects. Will definitely buy again.

Denver W. (Tennessee)
Same awesomeness but more portable

Same great delta red flavor! Awesome portability! Amazing effects, if your on the fence definitely give it a try!