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Delta-9 5mg Live Rosin Gummies (Tequila Sunrise)

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Booze was banned in the states...but not in Mexico. So naturally, this drink's smooth citrus taste with faint hints of pomegranate became a favorite among American gamblers in Tijuana. And now its flavor comes to you with no alcohol but 5mg THC per gummy for pure revelry.

A sweet, citrusy Tequila Sunrise with tomorrow's sunrise in mind.

Feeling good the night of doesn't always translate to feeling good the next day. Well, that's when you're talking about cocktails.

These gummies clock in at 10 calories per piece, and there's no alcohol, just cannabinoids. In other words, less guilt and no hangover.

5mg Delta-9 THC and a dash of live rosin for breakin' the ice.

Great for beginners. Perfect for those looking for a micro delight. And even better for those who prefer to stay on the wagon.

And for many, Delta-9 THC enhanced with the complete cannabis profile of live rosin has been the right combination to loosen-up (but not get too loose) and spur conversation.*

*Effects may vary.

Cased and compact for painting the town red.

Most of our gummies come in pouches. But a pocket can leave your cannabis sweets a bit mushy, and you can't have that on a night out.

With their material and size, these tubes are perfect for stashing in pockets, purses, or what-have-yous. Just press the button, twist the cap, shake some out, and enjoy the ride.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Jason Verified
Wowie wow wow!

I got a tube of these for free through the HHCBD rewards program here and I have to say these taste really amazing and pack a good punch. Another incredibly excellent product and another reason why I’ve been a subscriber/long time customer. Buy some, you’ll love ‘em.

Cindy Verified

Great flavor! Cool packaging. The order was received on time and I'm looking forward to ordering other flavors.

Jerry Verified
Tequila Sunrise Surprise

An initial rush and then mellowed into a peaceful place.

Nathan Verified
Taste great, perfect chill on-the-go

Tried the Tequila Sunrise and gifted some Old Fashioned to a fellow bourbon/cannabis fan. Both have a fantastic flavor profile and no aftertaste…quite delicious. As described, strength wise these are on the lower side, but perfect for beginners, those with lower tolerance, or to toss in your bag/purse for a night out or weekend getaway to get a chill feeling while being perfectly functional. Much nicer portability and less conspicuous than the Select Spectrum (my usual) in a baggie and these slide right or of the tube with no sticking. As with all HTH products I’ve tried, the quality is A+. I’ll probably try the Mudslide too as a dessert option. Love that HTH continues to develop new products - I enjoy the variety and options!

Kyle Verified
Tastes great!

One of the best tasting gummies I have had. Some often have an aftertaste I don't care for but this do not have it. Perfect amount of THC if you just want to take the edge off.

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Child-Resistant Packaging

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Worry-Free Guarantee

If you buy something and don't like it for any reason, send it back and we'll give you gift card to try something else. You don't have to worry - we guarantee you'll be taken care of.

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