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25mg Δ8
Earns 30 HERO Points

Delta 8 Gummies (Blueberry)

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Juicy berry flavor with every chew. A prize at the High Times Hemp Cup. And hundreds, yes, hundreds of five-star reviews. We're not ones to brag. That's our rule...and this is the exception.

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Freshly-picked flavor packed into soft, chewy sweets.

The humble blueberry. Native to North America, this tiny fruit offers the perfect pairing of a delicate floral profile with gentle, juicy sweetness.

You'll find this flavor packed in these soft, sugar-coated cubes that are easy to chew and easy to divide. And with no strong aftertaste, these edibles are hard to resist.

A winner at the High Times Hemp Cup.

Curious to know the taste of sweet victory? Look no further. It's these exact Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies that took home a prize at the High Times Hemp Cup.

Award-winning? Yes. Hundreds of five-star reviews? Of course. You can take our word for these edibles, and there are plenty who will vouch for us.

The mellow embrace of Delta-8 in every bite.

Delta-8 THC is known to bring about such delights as mild euphoria, a sense of well-being, and pure, unrefined relaxation.

To many, it's hemp-derived Delta-9's "milder sibling." But keep in mind that the effects of cannabinoids vary from person to person.

These gummies are also ranked #1 for Best Delta-8 THC Gummies by CBD Oracle.

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Included / Specs
  • 10x Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies
  • 25mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy
  • Vegan and gluten-free
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Customer Reviews

Based on 745 reviews
C (New York)
Effects: Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy

Awesome! Best Delta 8 gummies I tried so far. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Bryan w. (Missouri)
Love the product

Awesome product! And love supporting this company. But the FDA shouldn’t be silencing people for an honest review about the product to other people that may be experiencing the same and wants to try it. It could honestly help other people.

David S. (Tennessee)
1st Place for Me

The best. My absolute favorite gummy. Great flavor. Full effect in about an hour for me. Such a relaxing mind and body feeling. Able to enjoy friends and family. Great escape.

Em (New York)

I’m new to D8 gummies. I tried a couple brands but came back to this one because this gummies make me feel the best.

Anne C. (Texas)
Love their products

Nothing but great things to say about any purchase I've ever made from Hometown Hero. I love how I feel when taking a gummy an hour or so before bed, and I love supporting a company with such a wonderful cause.

Operation Finally Home Veteran Donation

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To us, every U.S. veteran is a hometown hero. It's why we take no shortcuts regarding quality and why we push to increase our donations every year.

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Child-Resistant Packaging

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Worry-Free Guarantee

Worry-Free Guarantee

If you buy something and don't like it for any reason, send it back and we'll give you gift card to try something else. You don't have to worry - we guarantee you'll be taken care of.

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