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From edibles to flower (and everything in between), there are many ways to enjoy the hemp-derived delight of THC-O.

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What Is THC-O?

THC-O is short for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate ester.

That's a clear enough answer, right?

Just kidding, but we'll break this down.

THC-O is an acetylated version of THC

"Acetylated" means to add an acetyl group to a molecule.

An acetyl group is a small molecule of two carbon atoms, three hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom.

THC (Delta-8 or Delta-9) and CBD molecules contain 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms or C21H30O2.

Can you guess the formula for THC-O?

It's the same formula but acetylated, meaning that THC-O has 23 carbon atoms, 32 hydrogen atoms, and three oxygen atoms or C23H32O3.

And that's all there is to it.

So if someone asks what THC-O is, you can simply tell them that it's just THC with a bit more carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

That's it.

THC-O Edibles Effects

When you consume an edible with any hemp-derived cannabinoids, there will generally be a more prolonged onset of effects, and the results will be more pronounced.

THC-O is unique in that no matter what medium you take it, the onset of effects will be much slower. You may have to wait a bit longer to feel the impact of THC-O edibles.

THC-O Vs. Delta-8

The main difference between THC-O and Delta-8 is the amount of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms per molecule.

But what about the effects?

Some of the effects associated with Delta-8 and other THC forms include euphoria, relaxation, a sense of wellbeing, calmness, and even creativity. However, cannabinoids affect everyone a bit differently.

Anecdotal accounts put THC-O within the same realm, with some claiming that the effects are much more pronounced compared to Delta-8. And some argue that it offers "sensory" effects.

We cannot state enough that these hemp compounds affect everyone differently. Then there's the amount taken and how it's taken.

If you're a fan of Delta-8, THC-O is something worth looking into if you want to expand your horizons. Just remember to start with small amounts first.

Is THC-O Safe?

Before trying THC-O, or any other hemp-derived cannabinoid, you should consult your doctor. You should not consume THC-O before driving or operating any heavy machinery. Also, if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, you should avoid THC-O and other hemp-derived products.

THC-O Dosage

When it comes to THC-O or any other cannabinoid, there is no universal "right" or "wrong" amount to take.

One person might consume a 25mg THC-O gummy and get the exact feeling they were searching for.

Another person might take the same gummy and feel overwhelmed. In that case, it's good to cut it up into smaller pieces.

And then, you have those who would need to take more than one whole gummy.

Even if you're well experienced with hemp-derived cannabinoids, start with a small amount if you're trying THC-O for the first time. That can range from taking a small pull when you're smoking flower or taking off an edible piece instead of eating the whole thing.

Is THC-O Legal?

THC-O, when derived from hemp, is legal on a federal level. It can travel across state lines and be purchased with credit or debit.

However, federal legality is not the same as state legality. The federal government legalized hemp-derived THC-O, but some states may have banned it.

To find out about THC-O legality in your state, you should consult a legal expert. Some resources will answer your questions for free.

How Strong Is THC-O?

There's a lot of buzz out there talking about the strength of THC-O. Some say it's "three times stronger" than other variations of THC, such as hemp-derived Delta-9 and Delta-8.

But what does that even mean?

When talking about the "strength" of cannabinoids, several things need to be considered.

First and foremost, THC-O offers active effects versus something like CBD, which is more passive. In other words, you do not want to drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming THC-O.

Then there's quantity and medium. How much THC-O you consume and how you consume it are the two greatest factors determining the degree of effects.

So if the "three times stronger" claim is true, would 5mg of THC-O smoked be stronger than 100mg of Delta-8 eaten?

There are many factors to consider when discussing the "strength" of an individual cannabinoid. If you are curious to try THC-O, we recommend starting with a small amount and seeing where you want to go from there.

How Long Does THC-O Last?

There is no definitive answer to how long the effects of THC-O will last.

The first factor that comes into play is how the THC-O was consumed. If smoked, one should expect a shorter duration of effects, but if taken through an edible, one should expect a longer duration.

Then it comes down to how the individual processes cannabinoids. It's possible that two people can take the same amount of THC-O simultaneously but experience a different duration of effects.

How Long Does It Take THC-O To Kick In?

Now, this is one of the most interesting aspects of THC-O.

Generally, THC-O has a longer onset of effects than other cannabinoids…no matter the medium.

That's right. So, for example, if you smoke Delta-8 flower, you will feel the effects relatively quickly.

That's because the cannabinoid crosses directly from the lungs into the bloodstream.

If you smoke THC-O flower, it might take a half-hour for you to feel it. Now, "half-hour" isn't a universal standard since cannabinoids affect everyone differently.

Just know that if you inhale THC-O and don't feel anything right away, you may want to wait a bit before deciding to smoke/vape anymore.

However, no matter which way you take THC-O, it will take longer to set in than other cannabinoids.

Where To Buy THC-O?

In search of THC-O for sale? You've come to the right place because you can buy THC-O on this website! At Hometown Hero, we have THC-O acetate for sale that a DEA-registered lab has tested for safety and consistency.

Though there are no designated "THC-O stores" or "THC-shops," you can also find THC-O products at smoke shops, vape shops, and CBD stores. However, if you're looking for the convenience of delivery and a THC-O price from the manufacturer, online will be the way to go.

Can You Fly With THC-O?

When it comes to hemp-derived cannabinoids, there are various factors to consider when you're thinking of taking them on a plane with you.

First and foremost, you should never take any hemp product if you are flying abroad. Even CBD can land you in hot water with local authorities in another country.

So now, let's get to domestic flights.

Airspace falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. According to federal law, hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal so long as the concentration of Delta-9 THC is 0.3% by dry weight or lower.

So in the air, you should be good.

But then, there's state legality to take into consideration. Will you be flying into a state where THC-O is legal? Although hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legal, states will have varying laws on what cannabinoids are and aren't legal. For example, Delta-8, as of this writing, is federally legal but banned in several states.

You don't want to take THC-O with you only to find that you're breaking the law when you land.

And finally, you need to consider the airline you're taking. Do they allow customers to travel with THC-O or just any hemp-derived cannabinoids?

Can you fly with THC-O? Well, to answer that question, you will need to check the legal status of your destination and then call up your airline and ask them yourself (since airline policies are always changing).