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At Hometown Hero, we’re running a sale just about every week. 

But if you’re  looking for cheap Delta 8 products (in price, not quality of course) 365 days a year, then you’re in luck. 

On our site, you will always find continually running Delta 8 bundles with great discounts. 

So if you’re looking for Delta 8 bundle deals, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to break down the different types of discounts we offer and hopefully help you find the right Delta 8 bundle. 

Buy Four Get One Free

The name says it all. For most Delta 8 products in our online store, you can get a buy four get one deal, meaning you get a total of five products for just the price of four! 

So if you’re looking to buy cheap Delta 8, we’re not sure if anything can be “cheaper” than getting one product for absolutely free. 

For example,  have two versions of our Delta-8 gummies bundle with the buy four get one free deal. Both bundles feature your selection of one flavor. However, they differ because one bundle has our 25mg standard gummies while the other has our 100mg Delta-8 Max Gummies

Sampler Bundles

These bundles feature one of every type of flavor of a product. So basically it’s a discounted price on an entire collection of products, whether tinctures or gummies or just…whatever. 

Sampler bundles are incredible for those who really like one type of product and want to stock up while expanding their horizons. They’re also a solid choice for people who like a bit of variety when it comes to flavors and enjoying Delta-8. 

Duo Bundles

These bundles have two different flavors, but two of each. One example of this is our Delta-8 Squares duo bundle which features two Rainbow Squares and two Cinna Crunch squares. There’s only two flavors for this type of Delta-8 product, but you get a nice discount for purchasing in bulk. 

Curated Bundles

And finally, we have our curated bundles. These are specially put together for a variety of applications or even purposes. 

For example, our Delta-8 Discreet Pack features excellent products for keeping a low profile while enjoying your hemp-derived THC. Or in other words,  compact, portal, with no smell and no smoke. 

We also have a “Victory Lap” bundle which features two silver place winners from the High Times Hemp Cup. So if your curious to taste award-winning Detla-8, then look no further. 

Hometown Hero Delta-8 Sales

If you can’t find a bundle that suits your own preference, whether you’re looking for a Delta 8 edibles bundle, a Delta 8 flower bundle,  or you’re just looking for cheap Delta 8 moonrocks, don’t fret. 

As mentioned earlier, we always have some sale in the works at Hometown Hero. And we’ll be sure to add more bundles in the future. So if there currently isn’t a bundle with what you’re looking for, there will eventually be a deal on it.