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We Need Your Help!

We need your help! We know how annoying it can be when a company is constantly bugging you for product reviews and feedback, but for us it’s a bit different...

Let’s take McDonalds for example, the radio ad that reminds you how delicious their fries are, the billboard off the highway with a tasty looking double quarter pounder, or their conveniently placed mcflurry picture (even though their machine always seems to be broken) that catches your eye as you browse the internet.

For a business those are all great tools for marketing, but we in the cannabis industry are legally not allowed to do ANY of that.

Due to FDA and other governmental guidelines we are not at liberty to make claims on ANY benefits you might see when consuming Delta 8 THC or CBD. This is why we need you. We predominantly rely on word of mouth and customer reviews to get our brand and products out into the world. Without that, we are unable to share the benefits of our products to other customers.

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Do you love the benefits of our products? Do you love our work with Veterans? If so, then we invite you to help us let the world know! Leave a product review, share your experience with friends and family, tag and chat with us on social media. Every little bit helps, and we greatly appreciate all of it. Help us help others.

How To Help...

Step 1) Leave a detailed product review with video and/or photos of your experience.

Step 2) Share your experience with your friends and family. If you're a rewards member, receive $15 free for every referral!

Step 3) Tag us on social media! We love engaging with our customers. Also makes Parker (our social media guy) actually do some work 😉

Step 4) Give us ALL the feedback you may have! You are the lifeblood of Hometown Hero and our job is to make you as happy as we possibly can. We are always happy to help. Thank you!

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  • I’m a 64 year old woman. I suffer from arthritis. I’ve had surgery on my knee, ankle and one toe. I also am a life long insomniac. Pain is something I live with day and night. Doctors always offer opiates which I don’t like. Delta8 gives me the relief I need and I don’t have to worry about addiction. I can control how much I use according to my needs. Delta8 has truly become a lifesaver.

    • Janet Wambold
  • I love that I don’t get the head up in the clouds feeling but I love the sleep and the calm it allows me to feel comfortable

    • Deena East
  • The CBD products that Hometown hero provide have literally changed my life. I was always looking for different over the counter medicine to help me sleep, then having to see a doctor for prescription meds. When I could no longer afford the prescriptions my brother told me about the delta products from hometown hero, but I was skeptical because I had tried other brands from other stores. The first time I tried the delta 8 blue berry, I slept like a baby for 8 hrs!!!

    • JC
  • I highly recommend Delta 8 products for anyone dealing with chronic pain. Added it to THC and cbd protocol for MS and Fibromyalgia, and got reduced anxiety, insomnia and pain.

    • Jill
  • I love the delta 8. I’m a disabled veteran. I don’t like using prescription meds for my pain. Delta 8 helps with pain and my sleep. Thank you.

    • Christopher Tucker

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