Top 5 Products With "Sleep" Mentioned in Reviews

Top 5 Products With "Sleep" Mentioned in Reviews

Looking for the right Hometown Hero product to help you unwind at night? 

Not sure where to start? 

Well, we've done some digging, and we're here to deliver you the top 5 products where people have mentioned "sleep" in their reviews. 

But before we continue, we must get a few things out of the way...

  • It is best to consult a licensed physician if you're having difficulty sleeping  
  • None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease (full FDA disclaimer)
  • The page has a mere list of products where people mentioned sleep more frequently in their reviews, and it is not an endorsement/guarantee for the effects of these products

Now let's begin! 

5.Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Indica) 

Content (per gummy):

  • 25mg Delta-9 THC from hemp 
  • 5mg live rosin 

Live rosin is a concentrate that comes pressed from bubble hash made with only fresh, uncured hemp. These edibles (and others in its line) feature this solventless concentrate paired with THC to promote strain/variant properties. 


"These never fail to help me relax and help with a deep sleep. If you maintain a regular schedule with them, it's a great way to get restful sleep. I take them 2 or 3 hours before bed, and I am out like a light." - Nathan C.

"Ok, so I was looking for something to help me sleep. Ran across this website on Reddit. Decided to try these. What a punch! Incredible! Will be doing business here for sure. Glad to have found your site, and Super Awesome that you all support veterans." - Bernard P. 

"This blend is amazing. Watch out because it is super strong if you eat the whole gummy at once. My husband usually has a half, and I can on the weekend. One-fourth is perfect for me to sleep extremely well! I love this." - Melinda B.

4.Delta-8 Gummies 

Content (per gummy):

  • 25mg Delta-8 THC 

Delta-8 is a form of THC that grew in popularity with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. If you've had "regular" THC (Delta-9), Delta-8 can be thought of as having similar properties but with less potency.


"I take a half just an hour before bed. This is the only supplement I need to get me to sleep. I limit myself to half a night, but its effects are consistent. I also agree with their product description. Pure, unrefined relaxation indeed." - JJ

"Taste was great with a nice long relaxing sleep or the night. A winner in my book." - Robert M. 

"I went from sleeping 3 hours a night to a solid 6 1/2 hours. This has made me more effective in my career and a more energized husband and father! Highly, highly recommended!" - Travis L.

3.CBDA+CBGA Tincture

Content (per ml):

  • 20mg CBDA
  • 20mg CBGA
  • 20mg CBD
  • 20mg CBG

CBDA and CBGA are rare in hemp products due to their sensitivity to heat. Unlike the other products on this list, this tincture has passive effects along the lines of CBD vs. active effects with THC. 


"I'll continue buying this as part of my CBD routine. I use this directly under my tongue or in a hot beverage. I actually do not mind the taste since it disappears quickly. I generally take this in the evening, and the effect is subtle for me, but I fall blissfully asleep. I like that this isn't intense. I'll take D8 or D9 if I want something more powerful." - Susan Wiley 

"Half a dropper-full an hour before bedtime + a good (relaxing) book (no screens) have truly made a noticeable difference in my ability to relax, get to sleep, and stay asleep. Really worth trying!!" - Deb B. 

"I place about 5mg (.25ml) under my tongue and leave it there for about 30 seconds. In about an hour, I feel the results, relaxed and happy. This helps me sleep through the night if I take it around 8 pm. I also use this in baking, and results are great." - Marie Levija 

2. Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Northern Lights) 

Content (per gummy):

  • 25mg Delta-9 THC from hemp 
  • 5mg live rosin 

Northern Lights is a classic indica initially thought to originate near Seattle, Washington. The live rosin in these gummies, paired with THC, helps promote an experience inspired by this strain. 


"I've used Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies for well over a month now. I take it about 30-45 minutes before bedtime. Once in bed, I patiently wait until I can feel the dreamy (really, that's how it feels) effects. I glide into sleep. I also appreciate the quick delivery. Thank you, HH, for doing what you do. I wholeheartedly recommend this product." - Marti Ashby 

"Great taste, great feeling, great sleep. Bought these because I love the northern lights taste. So when I ate my first one and immediately thought I was chewing on the flower itself. I was hooked. No weird aftertaste at all. Then it kicked it, and it was everything I expected from a Hometown Hero product. Quality flavor and euphoria every time. Will absolutely refer and buy again." - Roland Mora 

"I had purchased these to make the end of my days after work a bit more enjoyable, so I'd usually eat them as a dessert after dinner. When the effects kicked, it was like I was sitting in a massage chair that melted my stress away. I definitely recommend this for people wanting an extra calm evening or some heavy sleep." - Eshe

Honorable Mention: Select Spectrum Gummies 

Content (per gummy):

  • 10mg Delta-9 THC from hemp
  • 10mg CBD
  • Minor cannabinoids 

Select Spectrum Gummies feature a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. We formulated this blend to help promote the entourage effect. 


"These gummies are wonderful. Great taste, wonderful texture, no weird aftertaste. I have lots of trouble sleeping but taking just a half makes me chill and drift off to dreamland so easy. Love these gummies!!" - Hollie Lichtenwalter 

"I have never felt so relaxed as I do when I take a gummy. Give it 20 minutes and it hits me and last for 4-5 hrs. Wake up totally refreshed afterwards if I choose to go to sleep." - Rodney J. 

"I set up a subscription for my bestie, who is a disabled Iraq War combat veteran. She (yes, SHE, women found themselves in combat there) says that it makes the pain go away so she can sleep. I'm so grateful for these products!" - Alane Fitzgerald

1.Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Grand Daddy Purple/Blueberry) 

Content (per gummy):

  • 25mg Delta-9 THC from hemp 
  • 5mg live rosin 

Finally, with the most significant shares of reviews mentioning "sleep" is our Blueberry/Grand Daddy Purple Live Rosin Gummies. With sweet fruity flavor and natural synergy, it's hard to find anything not to like about these edibles. And yes, Grand Daddy Purple is an indica. 


"These work like a dream. I bought them to help me relax and get a good night's sleep, and these do the trick. High quality product."  - Maerose B. 

"This blueberry delta 9 indica live rosin is my new favorite. My main goal is to help my insomnia, and this was the perfect remedy. I had 2/3 of a gummy, and it relaxed me and put me to sleep. I may try just half of one next time. If my tolerance was low, I'd do 1/4 or less of a gummy. Also, the blueberry flavor tasted great." - Becky G. 

"My wife (70 years old) loves them. She now sleeps for 8 hours and is much happier." - Tom Farr 

Final Thoughts 

So that just about does it for this list of products where people brought up "sleep" in their reviews. For more information, you can also check out this blog post with 12 tips for getting better sleep. 

Do you have a nightly cannabis routine?  What was your experience with the products on this list? Is there another list like this you'd like to see? 

Let us know in the comments! Until next time. 

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