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What Are The Best Methods of Delta 8 THC Storage?

Lewis Hamer
Published April 27, 2021

Did you know that different
Delta 8 THC products have a different shelf life? The challenge to store each type correctly can become tricky, especially if you have no idea how long the product can last. Finding out the best ways for Delta 8 THC storage can increase the longevity of your products. The more you learn about the Delta 8 THC and CBD products you purchase, the more responsible you can be with them. 

Even when you purchase the best quality products on the market, you are only wasting your money if you aren’t properly storing them. To get the most of your Delta 8 experience, fresher is better.

Shelf Life of Delta 8 THC Products

Each Delta 8 THC product has a different shelf life. Some last longer than others, like tinctures over edibles. The higher the concentration, the longer the product tends to last. You also have to be conscious of the other ingredients present within the product (like baked goods).

  • Delta 8 THC Tincture Shelf Life – Tinctures are a higher concentrated extract, much like vape cartridges and spirits. These products have an almost infinite shelf life if they have been made and preserved properly. These products degrade slowly over time, making them perfect for low-maintenance storage. In the right environment (cool and dark), the tincture can “chill” for a year or more without consequence.
  • Delta 8 EdiblesThe shelf life of edibles depends on the type of ingredients used to make it and how it is stored. For example, many baked desserts use butter or other fats, which can break down the Delta 8 THC quicker. Pastries also tend to spoil if not consumed within a specific time.

How to Store Your Delta 8 THC Edibles Properly

There are different methods of storing Delta 8 THC, which may be effective for prolonging the life of the product in question. The storage method becomes most important when handling edibles because they have the shortest shelf life of most Delta 8 THC products.

Can You Freeze Edibles to Extend Shelf Life?

The rule of thumb when using edible Delta 8 THC products is to freeze the excess. At the correct temperature, frozen edibles can retain freshness for six months or more. This process similarly preserves the cannabinoids. You can use the freezer to store your edibles if you don’t plan on consuming them within their “Use By Date.”

Keep Delta 8 Out of Direct Light

All Delta 8 THC products should be kept out of direct light, not just edibles. Direct light can degrade the cannabinoid but is especially true for edibles and flower. Light breaks down the molecules and makes the product less potent. The ideal location would be room temperature or lower with total darkness. These conditions are especially true for any hemp-derived products.

Avoid Oxidation with Delta 8 Airtight Storage

Air is your edible Delta 8 THC product’s kryptonite. The air begins the oxidation process, which ruins the entire preservation process for edibles. Using containers that create a vacuum or airtight seal is the best way to preserve your products, especially if they will be consumed before the date specified for use. For the avid Delta 8 product consumers, your local retailer may sell containers specifically designed to keep your products fresh with a true vacuum seal.

Identify Spoiled Delta 8 Products

Even with some of the best storage practices, your products can (and will) go bad. If you have a product that you think has gone bad, look for the common signs. There are some different things to look for when looking at your products. If any of the following is true, throw them out immediately:

  • Your baked goods appear to be dry and are odorless
  • Discoloration is present, or a strong mildew odor is present
  • Visual signs of mold or it is past the “Use By Date”

Try as you might, keeping your Delta 8 THC products perfectly preserved (especially edibles) might prove challenging. A lot of it is trial and error, depending on your experience with each of the products.

Quality Matters in Delta 8 THC Storage

Quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb to use when looking at any type of cannabinoid product. The higher the quality, the better the product. The better the product, the easier the preservation process. Even with high quality, if you don’t respect the storage process, you might as well have bought the lower-quality product.

Think about it like this – you buy two gallons of milk, both with the same expiration date. The first gallon of milk is put in the refrigerator at the optimal temperature. The other gets forgotten in the trunk of the car on a 70-degree day. Which do you think is going to last longer? The same philosophy applies to Delta 8 and other cannabinoids.

When you put your Delta 8 THC products in the right storage situation (cool and dark), you prolong the lifespan. Even though tinctures can last longer than edibles, you shouldn’t disrespect the storage process. 

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