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Our Tips On Smoking Hemp For The First Time

Published July 14, 2022

tips on smoking hemp for the first time

Like all beginners, before you experience something, you have questions. Like, which smoking method is ideal? How long does it take for effects to begin? How will you feel?

If you’ve wondered this, we’ve got your answers.

In this article, we’ll cover some common questions and tips on creating the ideal session.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have all the tools you need for an easy, enjoyable time.

We’ll be discussing:

Time to start!

How Long Does It Take For Effects To Begin?

We would love to give you a timeline of when effects will occur and the duration. However, there’s no accurate answer. Each person processes cannabinoids differently, so activation time varies from person to person.

Compared to other consumption methods, smoking typically has a quick onset, so prepare for effects to kick in sooner rather than later.

It’s worth noting that some first time cannabis consumers might not feel effects the first time they smoke. So if you don’t feel anything after an hour of smoking, you can try another puff.

What’s The Best Method Of Smoking Cannabis?

There are multiple tools to smoke hemp flower, but you won’t know which instrument you prefer until you try them.

Tools can cost anywhere from $5-$250, all of which depends on your budget.

Like most things, the more expensive the tool, the better quality it will offer your session. For example, a high-quality pipe will add a smooth and flavorful experience versus a cheaper alternative that may feel a bit “rough.”

Before you invest in an instrument, though, we recommend starting with a cheaper alternative to determine if it’s worth the extra cost.

As for the best method, there isn’t one. What you consider ideal will be based on finding your preferences.

If you want an easily disposable item, it may be ideal to start with pre-rolls (joints). But if pre-rolls aren’t available, and you aren’t in the mood to struggle to learn how to roll a joint, you can purchase a glass pipe.

With glass pipes, you need to pack it with a small amount of grounded hemp flower (do not fill it, as you’ll only need enough for a few puffs), and it’s ready to go.

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Flower?

When selecting hemp flower, you may be tempted to purchase the cheapest available, but this could backfire.

The quality of the hemp flower will directly affect your experience and the product's safety.

Premium hemp flower will cost more, but the price typically suggests it has been lab-certified, untainted, and is U.S. grown.

Aside from safety, high-quality cannabis will contain a higher volume of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, which directly affect your sessions.

So if you’re looking for a premium experience, try our line of Delta 8 flower. Hometown Hero offers their customers what most don’t—an award-winning flower.

Zero G Delta 8 Flower ranked 2nd place at the High Time Hemp Cup (when it was just CBD flower) in 2020 and has 250mg of pure Delta 8 THC in every gram. Citrusy and sweet, with each puff being better than the last, this flower will easily set the vibe for a good time.

Do Cannabis Strains Make A Difference?

If you’re unaware of strains, let’s give you a brief breakdown.

Hemp flower can be placed into three variants: indica, sativa, and hybrids.

Generally speaking, each strain will have differences in appearance and terpene profile.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are complex compounds that contribute to the hemp flower's scent, flavor, and color. When consumed, terpenes have synergy with cannabinoids.

Since they work synergistically, it results in a unique experience.

So enthusiasts have reported sativa strains to be uplifting, while indica strains can bring on relaxation.

But these effects vary from person to person, so although someone may feel one way, you may have a different outcome.

Do strains make a difference?

The answer to this depends on how the variants affect you, and the only way to find out is to try out different strains until you find your preferred type.

Trying Cannabis For The First Time: Our Top 5 Tips 

Here we’ve rounded up some tips that every novice enthusiast should know. So before your sessions begin, consider taking our advice on creating a positive experience.

1.) Start With A Puff

Patience is key for all hemp products because the effects are not immediate.

Since it’s your first time, it’s nearly impossible to know the perfect amount for you, so always start with a puff or two and wait.

The time it takes for effects to appear will vary, but after a length of time, you should begin to feel it. If not, take another puff and see how you feel.

2.) Smoke With A Trusted Group Of Friends

The lack of experience with hemp makes it advisable to consume it with a safe group of friends.

Because you're new to smoking hemp, there’s no way of determining how you feel, and just in case it doesn’t go as planned, you have peers to keep you grounded.

Another advantage is having other activities to do during your session. From board games to deep conversations, friends are the ultimate way to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

3.) Be In A Familiar Environment

It may seem like a good idea to enjoy hemp at a party or other large event, but this is a rookie mistake. You don’t know how you’ll feel, and having too much outside interference around you may negatively affect your experience.

Rather than being in an unfamiliar location, we recommend staying home so you can control the area around you. If the effects feel a bit overwhelming, you can always pivot and take a nap. But if you’re out and about, you may not have the option. 

4.) Make Sure You Have A Free Day

Depending on your effects, you may feel too mellow to go back in public. And another factor is that it’s illegal to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery, so you can’t leave your home of your own accord. So clear your schedule to allow the time for you to enjoy the experience.  

5.) Have A Plan

If you aren’t a planner, this may be a step you consider skipping, and you can. However, if you have a plan, you’ll be prepared for whatever is to come.

For example, if the effects feel a bit too much, you can have a queue of movies to relax you. Or, if you think you might get the “munchies,” you can have a delivery order waiting to be placed.

Either way, there are plenty of benefits of being prepared, so we recommend taking a few minutes to plan things to do during your session.


Trying out a new consumption method can be exciting…and a little overwhelming. 

However, with our advice, you can avoid some rookie mistakes that commonly occur. 

As always, start small and wait for the effects to appear, and don’t worry about having the “best” tools. Begin with what fits your budget and determine if it’s worth investing in different instruments later.

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