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New Alternative Ways of Taking CBD

Y’all asked for it and we answered! We over at Hometown Hero have been hard at work getting our amazing customers the new products they want and frankly, deserve! In this article, we will break down these new products for y’all, these new products of course being the highly requested CBD Tincture, Lotion, and Salve! 

To start it off, these products are all a great alternative to inhalable or edible CBD products, as they are more topical and expand our catalog so we have the right CBD option for all of our amazing customers!

CBD Tincture in MouthFirst off, we have our most requested product, a CBD tincture. CBD oil for our tinctures is extracted from the hemp plant using CO2 and is put in a solution of MCT oil (made with coconuts) for proper concentration and dosing. Our tinctures come in two options, natural or strawberry (for those who want a little more of a taste!) Check out all of the potential health benefits with CBD tinctures from our friends over at HealthLine! With a tincture, just add a dropper full of liquid under your tongue, in your favorite drink or food every day, and start seeing the benefits for yourself in no time! Note that the tincture is NOT designed to be used in any sort of a vaping device, it is meant for oral consumption (under your tongue or in any food or drink of your choice).

Next up we have our CBD Infused Lotion! Read all about the amazing benefits of using CBD Lotion over at PalmOrganix! Our lotion is not only great for hydrating and moisturizing your skin, but it is also a fast-absorbing with a cooling sensation for an instantly soothing feeling after application, with a delightful peppermint, rosemary, and lavender aroma that’s sure to leave you feeling and smelling great! For direct application, we have our CBD Roll-On, filled to the brim with a strong, effective dose of CBD isolate. The roll-on method of application is quick, easy, and the perfect way to get you back out on the golf course, basketball court, or whatever activity it is you love within minutes! 

rubbing cbd salve onto skin

Where the lotion is great for widespread use, if you want the same effects to stick around a little longer or have a more specific application area, we have our CBD SalveOur Salve contains raw hemp oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and other quality ingredients that will hydrate your skin and stick around for hours after application! 

If you have any questions about any of our products or the different types of CBD, do not hesitate to reach out as a great CBD experience for all of our customers is our highest priority as a team. We hope you enjoy!

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