Is There Synergy Between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Is There Synergy Between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or someone with little to no experience with cannabis, you are likely acquainted with two of hemp’s most popular compounds, CBD and THC.

While these compounds remain a fan favorite, many people are unaware of the magic of not just one cannabinoid, but multiple. When this happens, they will synergistically work to incite the entourage effect, also known as the “synergistic effect.”

But you are here because you are wondering—does Delta 8 and hemp-derived Delta 9 have synergy when used simultaneously? Possibly, but we will explain it later.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Each time you smoke or vape hemp, you may be used to experiencing different effects. Sometimes, you feel like laying around in your pajamas all day, while other times, you have this urge to get work done or do a fun activity. Have you ever wondered why it was like that?

When you consume hemp flower, you are greeted with not only THC and CBD but several rich compounds, such as minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. But each flower has its own combination of these chemicals, with some that provide the perfect balance—this is called the entourage effect.

In this theory, many have argued that when a cannabinoid works independently, you miss out on hemp’s full potential. However, when a product contains various compounds, they will interact to exert greater effects. Although there is still much more research to be done, thankfully, enthusiasts continue to record their experiences, allowing us to identify this unique phenomenon.

What Are the Effects of Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Before we focus on hemp-derived Delta 9 and Delta 8 together, let’s focus on the effects that these compounds can encourage on their own. After taking Delta-8, we have heard reports of consumers experiencing mild-euphoria and being more motivated than usual.

Regarding Delta-9 THC from hemp, enthusiasts have reported an array of different effects that they have felt, some including:

  • Euphoria

  • Uplifted

  • Increased appetite

  • Relaxation

Naturally, people compare hemp-derived Delta-9 and Delta-8 because they’re both forms of THC. But what happens when we bring these compounds together?

NOTE: The effects listed above are not guaranteed, as we all process cannabinoids in our own way.

Can Delta 8 and Delta 9 Incite the Entourage Effect?

There isn’t much research available on if the combination of Delta-8 and Delta-9 can offer the entourage effect. While some connoisseurs have reported a synergistic effect between these two compounds, there is sadly not enough studies to support this claim.

Hemp Products that Encourage the Entourage Effect

Wait, some products are made specifically to encourage the entourage effect? Yes! Hemp products such as hemp flower, CBD oil, gummies, and other forms of edibles contain multiple compounds that have the possibility of inciting this effect.

High-quality Hemp flower

Smoking high-quality flower is the most natural way to experience the entourage effect. When choosing your flower, you want ones with the shiniest crystals because those are called trichomes. The number of trichomes on a flower will determine the strength of the strain, which means if you are looking for the total experience, choose the flower with the most noticeable crystals.

In comparison to other methods, prepare for almost immediate results. From the moment you inhale the smoke, you can expect the effects to feel noticeable in a matter of minutes.

Full-spectrum CBD

Suppose smoking flower isn’t your ideal choice, no worries! Full-spectrum CBD is a wonderful alternative for those looking for an accurate measurement, convenience, and total discretion. Compared to CBD isolate this type contains multiple cannabinoids and other compounds, including up to 0.3% of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

Select Spectrum

Similar to full-spectrum CBD, our line of Select Spectrum products come in not just gummies but baked goods as well. While this is not considered as a primarily CBD product, it still contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

Our gummies come in three flavors, mango, strawberry, and pineapple, allowing you to choose your ideal taste. In each pack, you receive ten gummies, with each having 10mg of CBD, 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9, and other naturally-occurring cannabinoids that blend to encourage the entourage effect.

But if you want to enjoy a treat that can last for days, that is also hand-crafted in a local artisan bakery located right here in Texas, look no further. Our Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares are as delicious as it sounds. Beyond the gooey marshmallow and rich chocolate, you will be impressed to find that each square has 300mg of CBD and 300mg of hemp-derived Delta-9. This combination of cannabinoids will show you the true potential of hemp.

Broad Spectrum CBD

For those that don’t want to have THC but hope to experience the entourage effect, you may want to try broad-spectrum CBD. This type of CBD product is almost identical to full-spectrum, but it primarily consists of CBD with the addition of other cannabinoids, except THC.


The entourage effect is just one of hemp's many mysteries. While there is still much to be learned about the synergy between compounds, we know that multiple cannabinoids are more powerful than one, which has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting discoveries of cannabis research.

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