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If you love Zero G, you'll love Farmer's Secret Stash!

Boy oh boy, we have something new for you CBD enthusiasts! We’ve been hard at work for months to bring you our latest CBD products that will not only expand our massive inventory of top notch cannabis products but also a little surprise for those who have been with us since the beginning. Now introducing, Farmer’s Secret Stash!

What is Farmer’s Secret Stash?

Our latest offering of expertly crafted CBD, Farmer’s Secret Stash is an ever changing product as every new harvest, a different, high quality batch of CBD will be sold with very limited quantity. Meaning, every few months you’ll see a new, unique strain of CBD under the Farmer’s Secret Stash moniker, so be sure to get it while it’s available, because when we sell out, it will be gone for good and we will be moving on to the next strain!

Close up Farmer's Secret Stash CBD flower bud

To get this incredible deal to our amazing customers, it required a whole lot of bribes and backroom deals with our expert farmers to get our hands on their very own secret stash, which they usually prefer to keep for their own personal use (how selfish, right?)

What is Fall Harvest No. 1?

The first strain in our Farmer’s Stash Secret is a hybrid CBD strain unlike anything you’ve ever tried, introducing Farmer's Secret Stash Fall Harvest No. 1!

A sweet and sour aroma with notes of citrus, Fall Harvest No. 1 has a deep green color with orange pistils and visible trichomes that will have any cannabis enthusiasts mouth watering as soon as they open up their bottle! Expertly grown indoors with LED lighting, making this bud of the highest quality, normally only seen in the likes of the medical cannabis industry.

Zero G CBD Flower High Times Hemp Cup

We mentioned above that those customers who have been with us since the beginning will be in for a bit of a surprise with this strain, as it is grown under similar conditions as our High Times Hemp Cup Award Winning Zero G strain! While we are still patiently waiting for our Zero G supply to grow back, Fall Harvest No. 1 is a great alternative as they are both not only overloading with beautiful visible trichomes, but also true indoor grown strains, hand-trimmed and grown under LED lighting.

Why should I buy indoor grown CBD?

When you are growing your cannabis outdoors, you are subject to not only nature’s schizophrenic weather conditions, but also a lack of control of all of the elements, including rain, bugs and other pesky creatures that could damage your crop. While growing your cannabis indoors using LED lighting, you can control the temperature, have automatic watering mechanisms and a more secure crop, insurraning security from pesky critters and robbers alike.

Many experts argue that the quality of indoor grown cannabis is vastly superior to products left to mature naturally in the elements, resulting in a more potent and tasty bud. With conditions perfectly controlled, indoor crops of hemp have better moisture content, more trichomes, and no issues with cross pollination (which means no seeds!). That being said, for the most part, there is nothing wrong with growing your bud outside, as it has been growing outdoors naturally for nearly 28 million years.

Buy Farmer's Secret Stash CBD online

Hamp Bud Farmer's Secret Stash CBD

Farmer’s Secret Stash Fall Harvest No. 1 is hands down, one of the highest quality CBD flower options we have carried at Hometown Hero to date and strongly encourage any cannabis enthusiasts to give this one a shot! We do have to warn you though, once Fall Harvest sells out, it is gone for good and we will move onto whatever secret stash comes next!

Wanna give your CBD an extra kick? We highly recommend you mix any of our CBD flower with some of our top-notch CBD Moon Rocks for an experience like no other!

Buy Farmer's Secret Stash Fall Harvest No. 1 Here:


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