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How to Hide Weed Smell

Published December 22, 2021

Smoking hemp has its advantages, yet for some, the biggest drawback of this consumption method is the smell. Some people don’t mind it, but there is no argument that one whiff of it will have heads turning.

If you have dealt with this issue in the past, then you may want to know how to hide the smell of ‘weed’ smoke. 

Whether you have parents coming over, landlords, or simply just don’t want to draw attention to yourself—these tips will combat the strong aroma left from smoking hemp.

Prep Before You Smoke

If you have the time, taking additional measures before smoking will prevent your home from being affected. 

By purchasing some of these items, you will be able to combat any scent thrown your way, allowing you to have unexpected visitors at any time. 

Proper Storage

weed packaging

After you buy hemp flower, do you ever get anxious wondering if it’s affecting the scent in room?

If you are using plastic bags, it probably is affecting the area—even if you put it in a drawer or deep in your closet. 

Instead of having your room wreak of hemp, use an airtight glass jar or an odor control storage box.

Both options will trap the odor while allowing you to take it anywhere with you, not just hidden in the closet.

Candles and Incense 

Before you light up, grab some candles or incense to eliminate the smell. 

You can find smoke-eliminating candles and spray online, but if all else fails, incense will quickly tackle the problem.

While it may seem easier to use air fresheners, we have found that they are not nearly as effective as other alternatives.

Use an Air Purifier 

Air purifiers can offer many different benefits, such as filtering the air and removing harmful particles, including mold, allergens, and smoke.

With this device, you can confidently breathe cleaner air without worrying about the pungent smell of hemp. Just keep your air purifier on before and after each smoking session.

Towel Under The Door

If you still live with your parents or roommate and don’t want them to catch wind of your hemp use, go in your room, open a window, and put a towel under the door.

You should do this before grinding or using any hemp, as the scent might be detectable without having anything blocking the airway underneath the door. 

Tips to Use While Smoking

Sometimes, we don’t have the patience to wait for everyone to leave the house. With this in mind, we have some tips for those looking to enjoy their hemp right away without having to worry about scent afterwards. 

Smoke in the Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is the ideal place to get privacy.

As you would if you were to smoke in your room, lock the door, grab a towel, and put it under the door.

Next, open the window, put on the fan, and turn the shower on to the highest heat. The steam from the water and the fan will help the smoke evaporate.

Avoid Joints and Blunts

As much as we all favor joints and blunts, you shouldn’t use them if you are trying to smoke discreetly.

From the moment you light the joint or blunt, your room will billow with smoke, leaving behind a powerful odor that can last for days.

Only Pack What You Need

A pipe can be a great discreet alternative compared to Delta-8 joints or Delta-8 blunts. But if you pack too much Delta-8 flower into a pipe, it can stay lit for far longer than you need it to be.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to only pack what you need. With proper technique, you should be able to find the perfect amount to use without having smoke fill up the room. 

Removing the Smell After

Changing your normal smoking routine doesn’t need to happen to prevent your house from smelling, especially if you have time to air your home out before you have a guest coming over.

Open all the windows

During or after your session, make sure you open every window in the house.

Grab a portable fan, and turn it on full blast. While you do this, light some candles, and start cleaning your house.

Wipe down the counters, vacuum the carpet with a carpet deodorizer, and wash any blankets or pillows in the room.

It may seem excessive, but this combination of cleaning, candles, and opening the windows will undoubtedly remove any stench left behind.

The Power of Ground Coffee

Have you ever smoked in closets before? If so, then you have first-hand experience with the pain of trying to get rid of the aroma of hemp.

Using candles in a small space with clothing items is a fire hazard, which is why we suggest using ground coffee beans.

Simply grab a bowl or cup of beans and place it on the floor of your closet, or anywhere else in your house that reeks. From there, the coffee grounds will effectively deodorize the area, along with leaving your place smelling like a coffee shop. 

Change Your Clothes

Unless you smoke outside, the smell will seep into your clothes, which might be undesirable.

The stench usually fades after a few hours, but if you’re going to be around people soon, change your clothes, take a shower, and chew some gum.

Covering Scent in Car

Remember, you should never drive a car while smoking Delta-8 flower or after smoking Delta-8 flower. Additionally, it is unwise to use your vehicle as a place to smoke because the smell may leave the impression that you have been operating your vehicle while or after consuming these products. 

If you or someone else is trying to learn how to hide ‘weed’ smell in their vehicle, start by removing all hemp products from the area. Assuming you did, the next obstacle you will face is getting rid of the scent from the smoke. 

When you have a car with cloth seats, removing it can feel nearly impossible. However, we have some hacks to solve this issue.

Instead of using air fresheners that don’t effectively work, you can purchase portable deodorizers, go on a long drive with all the windows down, or place a bowl of baking soda in the car overnight.

The Convenience of Vaporizers

Why bother with all of the work of smoking when you can use vape cartridges and disposables instead?

Vaping will allow you to consume hemp right in your house, except this method won’t leave a lingering scent in your home or on your clothes. Whether you’re at a party or curled up on your couch, you can confidently enjoy hemp without leaving a trace behind. 

You can find cartridges online or in-store, but if you’re looking for top-rated Delta-8 products, then you want to shop with us. At Hometown Hero, our Delta 8 Gummies and Delta 8 Tinctures come in a variety of flavors, all of which have been lab-tested and quality checked. 

Take a browse through our online store, and see what we can offer you today! 

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the scent of burnt hemp hold you back from enjoying one of nature's most beautiful creations. Whether you live with family or others, there should be no reasons why you can't enjoy it. By using some of our tips above, you will be able to confidently consume hemp without the worry of others intruding upon your session.

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