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High Times Hemp Cup Guide

Published February 15, 2022

You may have heard us mention the High Times Hemp Cup in a few instances. 

Well…more like…many instances. And for great reason.

So what exactly is it, and why is it so important?

Well, that's what you're going to learn in this blog post.

So by the time you're done reading, you'll know precisely why this event is marked on our calendar (and eventually yours too).

Let's get started.

What is High Times?

To explain the Hemp Cup, we'll first start with the publication that runs it—High Times.

High Times is a cannabis-focused magazine founded in 1974 by smuggler and 60s activist Tom Forçade.

Initially started as a one-shot parody of Playboy, they took "risqué" photos of large cannabis plants and set up the images in their publication in a similar fashion.

But here is the kicker—the magazine was a hit.

Nearly half a million copies were purchased, which inadvertently turned a joke into a successful publication. 

Throughout the years, High Times has unabashedly given political commentary and support for cannabis—despite the state of societal opinion.

 And some of its contributors have included Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Truman Capote. 

Today, High Times is the quintessential cannabis publication. Their articles are built upon research findings, current news, and tips ranging from joint rolling techniques to strain appraisals to keep the cannabis community up to date on all matters.

And as High Times continues to evolve, so have their High Times-sponsored events.

What is the Cannabis Cup?

To understand the Hemp Cup, we'll begin with its predecessor, the Cannabis Cup.

High Times editor Steve Hager first created the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1988.

Due to legal restrictions, the competition was held in Amsterdam, where growers worldwide came to present their best cannabis products.

The Cannabis Cup originally consisted of handpicked marijuana experts doing blind tests on various green, leafy, piney submissions.

They would then pick the top three of their favorite category, with the first-place selection winning the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Since then, the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana has brought the competition to the United States.

Because marijuana cannot be transported over state lines, the Cannabis Cup has localized competitions in Oregon, Seattle, California, California, Colorado, Illinois, and several more states.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic, they switched from handpicked judges to crowd-sourcing.

Nowadays, judges for the Cannabis Cup can be anyone 21 and up with a medical card or living in a state where recreational marijuana is legal.

Then, with hemp becoming legalized on a federal level and all 50 states, came a newer competition—the High Times Hemp Cup.

What is the High Times Hemp Cup?

The High Times Hemp Cup is a nationwide competition made after the federal legalization of hemp and subsequent legalization across the country.

For this competition, hemp cultivators and manufacturers will send their products to High Times. The products will then be assorted into judges' kits.

Since hemp can legally cross state lines, everyone from around the country can experience a diverse selection of hemp-derived products.

Much like the Cannabis Cup today, judges for the Hemp Cup are crowd-sourced, and they have to pick their top three selections, with first-place receiving the ultimate honor—the High Times Hemp Cup.

Hometown Hero's Past Winners

As thrilled as we are to partake in this year's High Times Hemp Cup, this isn't our first rodeo.

In the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup, we came in second place in the flower category  with our Zero-G CBD (now available as Delta-8 flower), and our CBD Blunts won third for pre-rolls. 

Then, for the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup, our  Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies won second place for the edibles category.

But it didn't end there.

Our Berry Tincture made its way into the judges' hearts, winning the silver medal for the tinctures category.

But as much as we love our accomplishments and feedback from our fans, we are coming to the 2022 High Times Hemp Cup with our eyes on the number one spot.

Hometown Hero's Current Contenders

2021 was a major year for us.

We decided to take everything we knew about crafting hemp products and raised it to another level.

Because we believe in going big or going home.

And boy, are we going big this year.

For the 2022 High Times Hemp Cup, we will introduce a product that the judges have never seen before—Live Rosin Gummies.

What is live rosin?

It's a golden, solventless extract that is pressed from bubble hash made only with fresh, uncured hemp.

These gummies are designed to preserve the plant's live terpene profile while adding hemp-derived Delta-9 to promote the properties of the sativa and indica cannabis variants.

Each gummy is packed with 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and 5mg of live rosin extract and will take our judges on a journey like no other.

Although these are the only two profiles we are bringing to the contest, you can surely bet that we have a few more variants coming out soon.

Final Thoughts

We are coming to the 2022 High Time Hemp Cup with guns blazing, and we aren't holding back. This event will be open to everyone 21 and up nationwide. So if you're feeling inclined to give your feedback on the best—this is your time to shine. But if you'd rather try Live Rosin gummies for yourself (without buying a judges kit), we are open 24/7 for orders.

Interested in High Times Hemp Cup?

Learn more about >> Our High Times Hemp Cup 2020 Experience

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