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Five Easy Pranks To Pull This April Fool’s Day

Published March 29, 2022

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March is just about wrapped up, and before you know it, it will be…April Fool’s Day. 

And, of course, 4/20 is coming up soon as well. 

So keep your eyes peeled. 

We’ll have something special in store for 4/20 and something for April Fool’s Day. 

But with that in mind, to get you ready and geared up for this holiday, we dug up five easy pranks to pull on April 1st. 

Let’s go!

5. Not Delta-8 Brownies

This is a prank to play on your fellow Delta-8 enthusiasts. 

The first step is to make regular, homemade brownies. 

Yes, regular brownies with no Delta-8 THC or cannabinoids.

Then, tell some of your friends who are also cannabis enthusiasts that you made a batch of Delta-8 brownies and offer some to them. 

And be sure to eat one of them yourself to assure them that it’s not a prank. Even tell one of your victims that they can pick out the brownie you get. 

Enjoy your brownie and wait for a bit. 

At the very least, they’ll feel confused after some time passes. 

But, at the very best, some of your friends might go into full placebo mode, perhaps “acting” as if they’ve consumed Delta-8, even telling you how great they feel. 

And that is when you tell them there’s no Delta-8 in the edibles. 

4. “Sorry About the Dent” 

There are plenty of instances where someone dings another person’s car in a parking lot. 

However, they might not have the time to wait around for the person to return to their car to exchange information. 

So, when all else fails, they’ll leave a note with their contact information. 

For this prank, simply write an apology about denting or scratching someone’s car and tell them they can contact you…with a nine-digit phone number. 

Then, leave the sticky on the driver seat window, and leave. 

Your victim will be searching for a scratch or dent that doesn’t exist and then puzzled by the incomplete phone number. 

3. Work Donuts (Anti-prank)

All you need to do is bring in a box of donuts to work, leave them somewhere you’ll know they’ll be seen, and write a note. 

That note?

Simply, “Happy April 1st!” 

Then, just watch as your coworkers stop by the donuts, read the note, and become locked in an internal debate wondering if it’s a prank and there’s something wrong with the donuts. 

2. Rubber Ducks…Everywhere 

This is the prank that keeps on giving. 

So first, you’re going to need a lot of rubber ducks. 

Try finding some deals in bulk if you can. 

The next step? 

Start leaving them everywhere, especially places where they might not find them for a long time. 

Put them in spots like…

  • Drawers
  • Couch cushions
  • In a box of cereal
  • Gloveboxes 

And then you wait. 

If executed properly, your victims will randomly find rubber ducks throughout the day, perhaps throughout the year or even…years to come. 

1. Snacking On Mayonnaise

Want a prank that will bring out curiosity, bewilderment, or even sheer horror? 

All you will need for this prank is a jar of mayonnaise and the ingredients to make instant vanilla pudding. 

First, you’re going to empty a jar of mayonnaise and rinse it out. 

Then, you whip up some vanilla pudding in the cleaned-out jar. 

Put the lid back on, and pack it for lunch or bring it with you anywhere. 

The next step is to enjoy your vanilla pudding in a place where people will see you eating it. 

As people pass you by, they’ll be mortified at someone eating a jar of straight-up mayonnaise. 

Happy April Fool’s Day!

And that just about wraps up our list of five easy pranks to pull this April Fool’s Day. 

Remember, pranks are supposed to be fun for everyone involved. 

So from all of us at Hometown Hero, enjoy this springtime holiday, and we’ll see you on 4/20…the real holiday with the most laughs and grins.

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