Does ‘Weed’ Make You Lose Weight?

Does ‘Weed’ Make You Lose Weight?

Does ‘Weed’ Make You Lose Weight

The idea of cannabis helping someone lose weight sounds like a dream, and according to some studies, it just might be.

But we aren’t doctors, which means we are not at liberty to discuss potential benefits or give medical advice.

We encourage you to do your research and contact your physician if you have any questions about weight loss.

Moving that aside, let’s turn our attention to what we’ll cover:

  • Does smoking ‘weed’ make you lose weight?
  • Does ‘weed’ make you ‘skinny?’
  • Does ‘weed’ increase metabolism?
  • Will hemp encourage you to exercise?
  • Are there calories in hemp?

Let’s get started.

Does Smoking ‘Weed’ Make You Lose Weight?

As hemp continues to broaden its audience, a new talking point has made its way to the conversation—can ‘weed’ help you lose weight?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information out there on this subject.

So we highly recommend consulting a medical professional and finding reliable sources.

Does ‘Weed’ Make You Skinny?

There are many things to consider when discussing why someone is or has been losing weight.

If you are concerned about losing weight because of hemp, discuss it with your physician.

Does ‘Weed’ Increase Metabolism?

As much as we would love to share information regarding cannabis and your metabolism, we can’t.

Not only are we not health professionals, but this question also isn’t in our field of expertise.

We know the ins and outs of creating high-quality hemp products.

However, we cannot confidently answer if hemp can increase one’s metabolic rate.

For a clear answer, contact your healthcare provider.

Will Hemp Encourage You To Exercise?

The stereotypical image of someone after consuming cannabis is an individual sprawled on the couch for hours with a bunch of half-eaten snacks.

While this is a common theme for many movies and television shows, you’d be surprised to hear that it may be a bit of a stretch.

Listen, we have all enjoyed the couch with our best pal, hemp.

But some enthusiasts have reported using the effects of cannabis to their advantage.

Remember, many effects can come with hemp, and motivation seems to be on the list for those who live an active lifestyle.

Keep in mind results will vary from person to person.

Still, it’s worth hearing the experiences of those who added hemp into their workout routine.

If you are intrigued by combining hemp into your workout regimen, reach out to a doctor to determine if you would benefit from it.

Are There Calories in Hemp?

Oh, how we love to count money…but calories? No comment.

However, when someone is on the laborious path of trying to shed some pounds, keeping an eye on calories is typically a part of the plan.

And when someone is noting each calorie consumed, they're going to need to know the nutritional facts of hemp products.

Does hemp have calories?

In short, smoking hemp doesn’t add any calories to your day.

However, ingredients paired with hemp will add calories.

For example, edibles, tinctures, and drinks with added sugars and fats will affect your nutritional intake.

So if you’re trying to maintain a calorie deficit, it's best to stick with Delta-8 flower.


It can be a New Years Resolution or an urge to live a healthier lifestyle, either way, most have found themselves in the predicament of trying to shed those stubborn pounds. Though, at the end of the day, medical professionals are the best for answering whether or not cannabis for weight loss is an accurate claim.

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