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Clever Cannabis Hacks

Published April 15, 2022

Let’s be honest. Sometimes our session doesn’t go as planned.

Grinders go missing, herb storage containers are out of sight, the store closes—or worse, your hemp flower is expired.

What we’re saying is anything could go wrong before a session.

But luckily for you, we have various hacks you can take advantage of:

  • Paint a glass jar
  • Empty pill bottle and penny
  • Eat before your sessions
  • Have a queue of shows ready
  • Grab a cup of joe
  • Make a “session” playlist
  • Keep sunglasses
  • Use eye drops before
  • Have products on deck
  • The honey hack
  • Create a to-go box
  • Make your own sploof

Don’t get stuck in the weeds when you’re trying to kick back and relax.

Follow these tips to make the impossible possible.

Paint A Glass Jar

cannabis jar

Everyone knows that air is the ultimate enemy, but how about the sun?

Well, that’s a whole other obstacle that needs to be avoided.

Although aright containers protect your hemp flower from deterring, light can affect it the same way.

So instead of placing your flower in a standard glass jar, take the extra moment and paint it black.

With the jar black-outed, you can bring it with you on the go without the fear of it losing quality.

But you still need to consider temperature wherever you take your hemp products.

Empty Pill Bottle and Penny

Losing your grinder is inevitable when you bring it wherever you go.

But the first time you misplace your grinder can feel devastating.

How can you grind your herbs?

We got the hack that will come in handy for far more than you’re willing to admit.

Grab a penny and pill bottle, and both with soap.

Once it’s dried, drop an appropriate amount of hemp flower in the pill bottle and the penny.

Click the lid into place and shake the flower for 20 seconds.

Badda Boom Badda Bing.

It’s that easy.

Eat Before Your Sessions

cannabis munchies

The “munchies” are one of the most talked-about effects of cannabis.

And while effects vary, it’s always a fun time to hear others tell their stories of ravaging through their kitchen after a session.

Except, sometimes enthusiasts don’t want to risk putting on the extra pounds.

To avoid the power of the “munchies,” plan your session around mealtimes.

This will help you enjoy dinner without feeling like your hunger is out of control.

Have a Queue of Shows Ready

Smoking hemp can offer enthusiasts an enjoyable time, but sometimes we can consume a little more than we need.

And in those moments, you need familiarity to bring you back to the ground.

So before your session, come up with a list of shows and movies that you enjoy watching.

Because if you feel like you need to press pause on your session, watching T.V. can help bring you back to a calmer place.

Grab a Cup of Joe

cup of joe

There is nothing worse than consuming hemp to offer a boost of energy, just for it to make you crawl to bed.

Instead, come up with a new routine during your sessions.

Before you light up, start a pot of coffee.

Immediately when you’re done smoking, grab a cup of joe, and start a to-do list.

From there, you’ll have the caffeine boost with the effects of hemp to give you the power to do anything.

Make a “Session” Playlist

Making a playlist of your favorite songs is a must for working out.

But have you ever thought about making a “session” playlist?

We can all agree that music sounds much better with Delta-8 or hemp-derived Delta-9.

Take the time to make the ultimate playlist, and watch yourself hear the rhythms and beats in a whole new light.

Try it out and thank us later.

Keep Sunglasses

cannabis sunglasses

Unfortunately, hemp-derived THC has the ability to make our eyes red.

And while this effect isn’t guaranteed, many non-enthusiasts and enthusiasts will know right away when someone has finished a session.

But if you don’t want your eyes to be noticeable, we have an easy solution.

When eyedrops are out of reach, make sure you have sunglasses.

The sunglasses will prevent your eyes from giving you away.

Plus, they’ll even add some style to your current outfit.

Use Eyedrops Before

However, if you are lucky enough to have eye drops on you, don’t wait until after your session to use them.

For best results, it is recommended to use eye drops before your session and after.

This combination will prevent your eyes from appearing any shade of red.

Have Products On Deck 

There will be a time where you leave your hemp flower at your friend's house or it has expired. Either way, being without products is a no-go for many.

Be prepared and have other hemp products to back it up. That way, when you’re out of your favorite items, at least you have Delta 8 Gummies or Select Spectrum to save the day.

The Honey Hack

We are calling all rollers with the ability to create the ultimate joints.

First, we would like to applaud you for your well-deserved skills.

But have you heard of dropping honey on a rolled joint? If not, you’re in luck.

There is nothing worse than a joint that burns out quickly.

You can prevent this by spreading a few drops around a rolled joint.

The honey will prevent the joint from burning out too fast and taste delicious. 

Create A To-Go Box

cannabis go-to box

When you’re on the go more than home, we recommend investing in a hemp to-go box.

It’s common to leave your tools at home, and when you do, it can feel like a dagger in the heart.

Because let’s be frank, who wants to use someone else's accessories? Or have to buy more?

Avoid this, and buy a small bag with a backup grinder, water pipe, and some papers.

Place this box of goodies in the trunk of your car, so wherever you go, you will be prepared.

Make Your Own Sploof

For some connoisseurs, it’s important to stay discreet. And if we’re being honest, there will most likely be a time when you want to be subtle.

And an essential part of staying low-key stems from a device called a “sploof.”

Sploofs are tools that filter out the smoke when you exhale, keeping your environment smoke-free and odor-free.

There is no need to buy a spoof, because you can find everything you need to make it at home.

All you need is a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and an elastic band.

Take the toilet paper roll and stuff it with four dryer sheets.

After it’s loaded with dryer sheets, wrap a dryer sheet at the end, and seal it with an elastic band.

Your DIY spoof is ready. Start your session as you normally would, and blow your smoke through the sploof.


Like anything in life, there is always a hack. And although we aren’t coders, we did come up with ways to win at your hemp game—even when things don’t go as planned. With this article, you will be able to prevent and solve nearly any issue. Because each session should be as impressive as the last, and to ensure this, you’re going to need tips to help you along the way.

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