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6 Cannabis Holidays You Can Celebrate

Published February 8, 2021

When you think of a cannabis holiday, you probably automatically think of 4/20. But did you know there are other holidays you can celebrate? We want to share these special occasions with you so you can celebrate by using our products! Here are 6 cannabis holidays you can celebrate:

1. April 20 - 4/20

cbd plantEveryone knows about 4/20, so of course we have to include it in our list of holidays to celebrate. The reason for celebrating is speculated, but there was a group of teenagers in California in the 1970s that would tell each other to meet up at a certain spot to use cannabis by saying “4:20” to each other as they passed in the hallway. They’d meet up at this time in their spot. Today, people hold concerts, local events, or have legalization rallys on this day.

2. June 18 - Jack Herer’s Birthday

Jack Herer was a cannabis activist and author. This holiday is great for celebrating the strides he made, as well as other activists who have worked hard to get cannabis legalized. He was known as “The Hemporer.” He worked hard for almost his entire life to show how cannabis was a great resource and reinforce how society and the world could benefit from using it.

3. July 10 - Oils and Concentrates Day

cbd oilA popular way to use cannabis is through oils, concentrates, and dabs. The reason this date was chosen is because the word “OIL” looks like 7/10 when it is read upside down. This is a great day to use your concentrates to celebrate CBD, as well as celebrating the strides made in technology for using CBD products in this way.

4. August 8 - National CBD Day

In 2017, a North Carolina-based CBD manufacturer applied to have “National CBD Day” added to the calendar. A committee of four people review thousands of applications for new holidays every year, and in order for the holiday to be approved, they must unanimously agree, and they did! So you can grab your CBD products and celebrate this fairly new holiday!

5. October 5 - Commemorating the Victims of Prohibition

cbd flowerOn October 3, 1937, the United States enacted the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act that outlawed cannabis use. On October 5th 1937, the FBI and Denver police arrested Samual R. Caldwell and Moses Baca for selling and possessing cannabis. This day should be celebrated for all of the people who have put their freedoms on the line for growing and consuming cannabis.

6. November 6 - Legalization Day

You should definitely celebrate on November 6, which is the day Colorado and Washington passed laws legalizing cannabis in 2012. By doing this, a conversation of international drug reform has been brought to light over the last few years!

You and your friends will have a great time celebrating these cannabis holidays. If you want to join in the celebrations, look through our CBD products, and stock up on your favorites before these holidays roll around!

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