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4 of Our Best-Selling CBD Products You’ll Want to Try

Published February 8, 2021

At Hometown Hero, we offer premium CBD products shipped directly to your door! We use the best ingredients available to create handcrafted products you’ll love. You can buy inhalables, edibles, concentrates and more! Whatever you’re looking for, we have it at Hometown Hero. Check out 4 of our best-selling CBD products below and make one of them your next purchase from our shop!

1. Comet Rocks

CBD Comet Rocks

Our Comet Rocks are dipped and rolled CBD buds. They’re crafted using the best Cherry Wine CBD hemp buds that are dipped in CBD distillate and then rolled in CBD isolate. Our Comet Rocks are one of the most powerful and potent CBD products on the market! We recommend mixing them with 3 parts CBD flower.

Here’s what customers who have tried our Comet Rocks have to say:

“I've tried a few different CBD flowers now but this was my first 'dipped and rolled' product. Comet Rocks are potent, extremely tasty, and just a pleasure to smoke.”

“These comet rocks are off the charts, with 92% CBD is amazing and strong. I added 1/3 of the comet rocks with Hawaiian Haze and the combination is great 👍🏼  if anyone is looking for great products Hometown Hero is the place.”

“This product is one of the best, These Rocks are the real deal, you feel relaxed without the high, I think I can stop drinking beer and go straight to this only. Great product!!! Will buy again!!!”

2. CBD Gummies

Hemp Cup CBD Gummies


Looking for CBD gummies that taste great (with no CBD aftertaste) and are also loaded with CBD? Look no further, Hometown Hero’s got you covered! Each gummy is infused with a robust 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and is 100% Vegan on top of being 100% Gluten Free! The edibles also come in a variety of flavors including watermelon, strawberry, and lemon! 

Here’s what customers who have tried our edibles have to say:

The search has ended, these are the best I've tried so far. If you are on the fence, not only is the grass greener, its also high quality.

Everything that I received was amazing I will be purchasing products again soon from tracking info down to the taste loved it!

The search has ended, these are the best I've tried so far. If you are on the fence, not only is the grass greener, its also high quality.

3. CBD Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

Hawaiian Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain of premium CBD flower. It’s known for washing away stress and helping users relax. We hand-picked this strain because of its tropical, fruity scent, its rich green colors, and its low THC / high CBD content. All of our Hawaiian Haze products are hand-trimmed and cured to perfection.

Here’s what people who’ve tried our CBD Hawaiian Haze have to say:

“Great product! This has a wonderful "terpy" smell that makes your nose happy. Smooth smoking and easy to mix with other smokables if you enjoy making a blend.”

“Hawaiian Haze is my favorite out of the 3! It gives me a great mellow feeling and a little focus for my gaming of PUBG :) I can't say enough about the guys at Hometown Hero... great guys over there, couldn't ask for better people to deal with.”

“Speaking as a former cultivator, the care and expertise in this product is readily apparent.”

4. Moon Rocks

CBD Moon Rocks

Like our Comet Rocks, our Moon Rocks are crafted using the best Cherry Wine CBD hemp buds. These buds are dipped in CBD distillate and rolled in CBD kief. Also similar to our Comet Rocks, this product is one of the most powerful and potent CBD products on the market! For best results, we recommend mixing the Moon Rocks with 3 parts CBD flower.

Here’s what customers who’ve tried our Moon Rocks have to say:

“After a long stressful day this stuff works great to help you relax and unwind. Just sit back and let it melt the worries away.”

“These little pebbles of joy are amazing and very tasty. It’s like magic how all the kief stays on the nugs there was hardly any kief inside the jar it was all coated on the buds after being mailed that is just awesome!. The effects are awesome as well, pain and stress melt away after the first few tokes! Relaxing and calming takes over after a small bowl! Thanks I will most definitely be ordering again!”

“These moon rocks where amazing. Hardly dropped any kief inside the container. High potency and a great new strain that y'all don't offer in flower thanks for your strive to provide a great product for those who benefit from it.”

More of Our CBD Products

blueberry CBD gummies

The CBD products we listed above are some of our best-sellers, but you can’t go wrong with any of the products you get from Hometown Hero. We even have amazing Delta 8 products that customers are loving! Not only are you promised the best ingredients out there, but you’ll be supporting the veterans when you buy from us! Product sales make it possible for us to actively donate to the veterans. In 2018, we were able to donate $25,000 to the DAV! Get quality CBD products shipped right to your door, and support the veterans at the same time — it doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out all of our available CBD products and make your purchase today.

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