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7 Interesting Facts About Delta 8 THC

Published February 8, 2021

So here you are, you stumbled upon Delta 8 THC and came to the right place to learn all about it! Whether you heard about it on some podcast, smoke shop, or just a friend who tried a new thing, this very special cannabinoid is taking the cannabis community by storm. It’s about time we all learned more about this extraordinary compound.

If you continue to read on, not only are you going to be fully informed on all things Delta 8 THC, but we guarantee you that you are going to be ready to take the plunge and give it a try for yourself! So let’s get on with the show with these 7 interesting facts about Delta 8!

1. Federally Legal THC

Cannabis in the USA

Yeah, you heard right, Delta 8 THC is a THC compound made federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill! The 2018 Farm Bill was a much-needed step forward on the path to eventual legalization, laying the groundwork for cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 8 THC to slowly be integrated into American society legally, both for medical and recreational purposes.

With many states across the nation inching towards outright legalization of all things cannabis, including marijuana, we are excited to see what this industry’s future looks like. Though Delta 8 might be federally legal, some states have decided to make the substance illegal, so we took the liberty of creating a whole page dedicated to is Delta 8 THC legal on a state-by-state basis!

2. Delta 8 THC is incredibly rare

Cannabis with Magnifying Glass

Unfortunately, Delta 8 THC doesn’t grow on trees! Well, it kinda does but let me explain.

The amount of Delta 8 found in cannabis plants is extremely small and limited, with most buds containing less than 1 percent of this chemical compound. Due to its limited availability, Delta 8 hadn’t had the same effect on the cannabis community as other compounds until recently.

With legalization paving the way for unique cannabis research, new and rigorous selective breeding methods, extraction, and many other forms and techniques when growing the hemp plant have been discovered. This innovation has led to a sufficient amount of this compound for mass production and distribution.

3. Delta 8 THC, the future of medicine

Cannabis as Medicine

Yeah, taking those Delta 8 gummies sure are a whole lot of fun when it comes to some evening recreational activities after a long, hard day... but what about when it comes to the medical benefits? Sadly, we are not at liberty to go too in-depth when it comes to Delta 8’s numerous health benefits due to FDA guidelines, but we do encourage everyone to do their research regarding this cannabinoid.

With a simple Google search, you'll find numerous medical articles and research papers on Delta 8 THC. We have no doubt that medicine’s future lies within the cannabis plant, and with more and more research being poured into this miracle plant, the future's looking bright.

4. Delta 8 made its debut in the 70s

1970s Women

Before you start thinking it, no, we aren’t saying Kelso, Eric, and Fez were chilling in Red’s Basement smoking on that Delta 8! In 1974, a group of researchers from the National Cancer Institute we’re conducting experiments on the effects of THC using mice and a trio of cannabinoids, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, and CBD, with shocking results!

The study was conducted to prove that THC harmed the immune system; however, they ended up discovering that was not the case and that the cannabinoids could possess medical benefits that far exceeded any expectations.

5. Delta 8, a hangover cure?

Delta 8 For Hangover

Picture this, it’s Sunday morning and the morning after you and all of your homies had a nice little bender of way too many beers and an ungodly number of those pesky tequila shots. Now here you are, headache, sick stomach, and stuck in bed trying to piece together what happened last night and why there is a pineapple on your dresser (if you get that reference, you are a real one), so what is your next play to go about your day?

Believe it or not, some folks are saying Delta 8 could be the “cure” to your little dilemma. With the main side effects of Delta 8 being relaxation, euphoria, and appetite stimulation, we cannot think of a better set of outcomes to help you survive those debilitating hangovers and put you in a better mood.

Become an expert in all things Delta 8 THC, including its euphoric side effects with What is Delta 8 THC?

6. The Popularization of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 and Podcasts

2020 was a massive year for Delta 8 THC! While Delta 8 THC has been around since the 70s, no one had a viable product until early 2020. With a massive sports podcast advertising this cannabinoid and companies popping up around the country, D8 fever took hold of the country.

Before getting comprehensive manufacturing and distribution, only a small number of people even knew what Delta 8 THC was. Now, it seems like anyone who knows about cannabis has tried, or at least heard about, Delta 8.

7. One of the biggest names in Delta 8 is located in Texas

Downtown Austin, TX

Shucks, we aren’t blushing! With complete thanks to all of our fabulous customers and staff, we have quickly become one of the biggest Delta 8 THC distributors in Texas! The introduction of Delta 8 to our already extensive library of award-winning cannabis products has been, frankly, massive for our company and extremely beneficial in our efforts to work with disabled veterans, especially in these difficult times.

With our main headquarters being in the heart of Texas, Austin (don’t worry, we are keeping it weird), we are thankful for this great state for having us and our business. Plus, all of our Delta 8 products are made from hemp grown naturally here in the Lonestar state!

Buy Delta 8 Online

Not in Texas? Don’t worry! We still got you covered! We discreetly ship all of our products safe and secure, nearly nationwide, right to your front doorstep! If you still have any questions, comments, or concerns about Delta 8 THC, we encourage you to contact us via our customer service line or any of our social media accounts, @HometownHeroCBD! We have experts standing by!

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