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7/10, the new Stoner Holiday! What is Dab Day?

Published February 8, 2021

Everyone and their mother knows about (*cough* and celebrates *cough*) the popular Stoner Holiday 4/20, but have you heard about 7/10 aka Dab Day? I really want to sit here and tell you that the date was chosen for some scientifically specific reason but that really is not the case. Do me a quick favor, input 710 into your calculator, and hold it upside down. Do you see it? OIL!

Now do me another quick favor, since your calculator is already out, and type in 5318008 for a good ol' fashioned middle school laugh!

So what is 7/10?

Unlike its more popular sibling  4/20, 7/10 is a fairly recent phenomenon in the weed community, with the first major celebrations starting in 2012. Without the legalization of cannabis in certain states, Dab Day would in no way be as big of a stoner holiday as it is slowly becoming. Pre-legalization it was extremely dangerous to not only create the oils (due to its highly combustible creation process) but also to digest, as dangerous chemicals (we are looking at you butane) were used in said creation process. With legalization, states have passed laws to avoid using these dangerous practices and in doing so have improved the quality of your oil, wax, and crumble to celebrate this growing holiday.

Why Is It Called 710?

Dab Day was placed on 710 because “OIL” upside down looks like 710. Hence, why it was placed on this day.

How 710 Different From 420?

420 is a holiday for celebrating cannabis as a whole, and 710 Day was created specifically for praising and honoring dabs.

With the expansion of the cannabis community, Dab Day has become one for the books, right alongside 420. Except this joyous day is for all those cannabis lovers who respect and have a deep-root love for the quality of dabs we have today.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is a fairly new process of cannabis consumption and its growing popularity would suggest it is not going anywhere anytime soon! To successfully “dab” (no, not that dance move created by the Migos) one places a tiny drop of the extract of their choice and vaporizes it on a highly heated surface that maximizes the amount of cannabis used and provides the “high” in a quicker and stronger fashion that one could call rapid relief. 

The idea of dabbing can be seen as scary to a user only dabbling in cannabis consumption because of the usual use of a blowtorch (or other ultra-heated methods) but in the past few years, many medical marijuana patients have started to rely on this method of ingestion because of its fast-acting relief and new safety regulations.

Can I take a CBD dab?

So you have gotten to this article and want to try out dabbing but don’t want to get that intoxicated feeling that comes from THC… boy oh boy do I have something for you, introducing our CBD Lemon Crumble! Made with CBD isolates, with 0% THC and 99.9% CBD, and infused with lemon-flavored terpenes, our crumble is guaranteed to take you to a new level of relaxation!

Types of Dabs

Different processes can produce several types of dab. Below, we have the popular forms made with or without solvents.

Solvent Extractions

The products below were made with solvents. A solvent is a substance that is used during extraction to break down other materials to form a solution.

These types of dabs tend to cost less than solventless extracts, because the process requires less labor and isn’t as strenuous.


Wax is a term for many types of dab that turn soft. Usually, if a manufacturer attempts to make shatter, there are instances where it might not hold together. When this occurs, the producer will whip it up and turn it into wax.

Oftentimes, the wax will be added into bowls, joints, or blunts for an additional boost of cannabinoids.


Budder is a concentrate that has a consistency similar to butter. Usually, it will appear in amber or yellowish color that is thick and gooey. Due to its smooth-like feel, many use it in their dab rig or vaporizers.

Live Resin

Live resin is made from fresh hemp frozen through the extraction process. Although a solvent extracts it, the freshness of the flower allows the product to contain a high volume of terpenes and cannabinoids, giving consumers a flavorful dab.

When dry flower is used, it will be referred to as resin. Resin won't have the same level of terpenes and cannabinoids, but it will still be rich in compounds. 

Solventless Extractions

Solventless dabs are produced without any solvents. Typically, solventless extracts are made with physical manipulation and temperature. Compared to solvent extracts, these products usually take longer to complete and are more expensive.

Dabs made without solvents rank high on an enthusiast's list because of the perk of feeling “closer to nature”.

Live Rosin

Live rosin is a solventless extract made with bubble hash made with fresh, uncured flower. Then with heat and pressure, the hash will be pressed to extract rosin and then cooled.

When cured flower, kief or regular hash are used, it is considered rosin. Both methods will offer a high-quality product, but live rosin will contain more terpenes and cannabinoids, which creates a top-tier product.


Hash is a solventless concentrate made from kief (trichome clusters) that is compressed together. Usually, it will appear in brown color and can be dabbed or smoked. It can also be added on top of flower or vaporized.

Bubble hash

Like hash, bubble hash is solventless—but it is made with ice water. Taking plant material and placing it in ice water, then freezing it, will break off the trichomes. The liquid is then filtered until the plant matter is removed. The end product will appear from blond to black, with light colors being the most desirable. Bubble hash is used with a dab rig or a pipe.

Benefits of Dabs

What makes dabbing as popular as it is because of the range of options consumers can choose from. But most importantly, the strength of these products.

Whether placed on top of hemp flower, in a dab rig or sprinkled inside a joint, dabs will elevate your experience.

One other benefit of hemp-derived dabs is the option of getting it delivered right to your home. As long as you are 21 years or older, you can purchase all hemp-derived products, including hemp dabs.

So next time 710 Day is rolling around the corner, make sure to celebrate the right way with our line of Delta 8 THC Rainbow Concentrate. Free of unwanted artificial flavors and chemicals, this crumble will transform your hemp game. 

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