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6 Signs You're Winning at Spring Break

Published March 21, 2022

Spring has arrived, but maybe the local weather hasn't gotten the memo.

Nonetheless, you're itching for sand, sun, and  frozen cocktails with the tiny umbrellas.

There certainly isn't a "wrong way" to do spring break.

But there are certainly signs that you're winning at it.

So whether you're a college student or just one of us in the “real world” taking a vacation, here are the six signs you're doing spring break right.

Let's dive right in!

6. You're (Well) Prepared

"Gee, I wish I didn't wear sunscreen that day I spent at the beach," said no one ever.

When it comes to rest and relaxation, you're armed to the teeth.

Sunblock? Check. Beach chair? Affirmative. Cooler? It's already packed.

You take your time off very seriously, unlike those casuals scrambling around getting the bare basics at a gift shop.

beach cooler with beverages

Pro tip: Coolers are essential for frosty beverages, but they're also great for storing gummies. Well, they're great if you're not too fond of eating a melted sugary glob.

5. You Packed Lightly


Yes. It's good to be prepared, but too much stuff can drag you down.

If your suitcase is too heavy, you'll have to pay overweight baggage fees on top of it just…being heavy and inconvenient.

But if you packed lightly, that's not an issue.

You may have been able to pack all of your essentials into a carry-on.

packed lightly carry-on

And if you're a total professional, you know, put on the heaviest of your wearable items for your flight.

And this, in no doubt, is a sign you're winning at spring break.

Pro tip: Flying out of the country with consumable hemp is a no-go. But if you're staying in the U.S., just ask your airline about their stance on bringing consumable hemp products. And if that's a no-go as well, you can use our Store Locator to find a shop near your destination.

4. You're Staying Right On The Beach

There's very little we need to explain about this sign.

You beat the crowds, and maybe you even snagged a deal, but you're living on waterfront property for the next few days.

staying on the beach

A refreshing dip whenever you need it. An ocean view with dinner. Or maybe just a pleasant breeze when you crack open the windows.

Staying on the beach is a sure sign that you're winning spring break.

Pro tip: Sunglasses are essential for days out on the beach but it's good to go cheap for spring break. A $20 pair of missing sunglasses stings a lot less than a $180 pair of missing sunglasses.

3. You're Far Away From Any Beach

Yes. This sounds like a sign of defeat, especially considering how welcoming the sight of bright, sandy shores can be after months of cold, grey "meh."

Naturally, somewhere warm with some tropical vibes is the ideal destination.

Of course, and many, many others agree. For this reason, such places are always swarming with crowds, long lines, and just, well…lots of people.

If you opted for a more low-key spring break vacation, like a week spent camping in the great outdoors, we consider that to be winning at spring break.

camping spring break

Pro tip: If you have to wait in line, and there are two queues, always opt for the one on the left. Chances are it will be shorter since most people tend to veer to the right since they're right handed.

2. You're Embracing JOMO (Locals ONLY)

Maybe you're not going on spring break, but instead, spring break is coming to YOU.

That's right. All your favorite spots and things to do around town are packed to the brim.

Well, why not ride the wave and lay low for a bit.

We're all familiar with the fear of missing out or "FOMO," as the kids say these days.

They still say that, right?

fomo vs jomo

Spring break, especially if you live at a destination, is perfect for "JOMO" or the joy of missing out.

So sit tight, enjoy some edibles, tincture, or whatever it is, catch up on some shows, play some video games, and wait for it to pass.

The best local deals are during the off-season anyway.

1. You're “Doing as the Romans Do”

There's a place and time for tourist traps. Well, spring break is undoubtedly a time for those.

But being a true spring break champion means going off the beaten path.

It's about stopping at that hole in the wall or finding a "hidden gem." Or maybe its a conversation with a local over a cold one or a rolled one.

speak with bartender

Pro tip: Your bartender or server is an excellent source of information on the best non-touristy spots. Also, don't forget to tip them well for their advice.


And that just about finishes our list for the 6 signs  you're winning at spring break.

Of course, none of these will make or break your…eh…spring break.

After all, the whole point of spring break is having fun, letting loose, and getting some much-needed relaxation.

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