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20 Best Christmas Gifts For Cannabis Enthusiasts

Published December 9, 2021

Is there a cannabis enthusiast on your nice list?

Not sure what to get them this Christmas?

You've come to the right place.

From stocking stuffers to Yuletide treats, we've got you covered with this list of the 20 best cannabis Christmas gifts they'll actually like.

And you’re going to want to see our number one pick.

Plus, for ease of reference, if you find an asterisk* next to a hemp-derived product, it means it’s legal in all 50 states.

And finally, if you’re looking for a Christmas present with a positive impact, you should know that a portion of proceeds from all the items on this list gets donated to charities that help U.S. veterans in need.

So without any further hesitation, let’s begin!

19. Hometown Hero Gift Card

Feeling lost when it comes to cannabis? Not sure what to get? Or maybe you're doing some seriously last minute Christmas shopping. A digital Hometown Hero Gift Card will be what you’re looking for. You don’t have to worry about shipping since it gets delivered right to email and it comes in $10, $25,$ $50, and $100 varieties, but we can set up a custom amount at your request!


18. Accessories

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? At Hometown Hero, we offer various accessories that make great gifts for cannabis enthusiasts.

17. CBD Flower

For some, Delta-8 or hemp-derived Delta-9 may pack "too much" holiday spirit. They may prefer their relaxation to be a bit more on the more subtle end of the spectrum. No problem. We've got them covered with CBD flower, which can be enjoyed on its own...or even combined with Delta-8 concentrate or flower.

16. Delta-8 Flower

What's green, has a piney scent, and sparks joy when it's lit up? Delta-8 flower, of course! And Christmas trees. Can’t forget about those. Plus, if your recipient is culinarily inclined, they'll enjoy this new addition to some of their favorite recipes.

Delta-8 Flower Strains:

15. Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 THC Moon RocksNothing says "holly jolly," like CBD flower, dipped in Delta-8 THC, that's then rolled in CBD kief. Like concentrate, Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be added to flower for an enhancing effect that’s truly...out of this world (we will never stop using this pun, not sorry).




14. Delta-8 Cinna Crunch Squares

Delta 8 Cinna Crunch Squares

There's something so cozy sounding about biting into a gooey marshmallow cereal treat packed with cinnamon sugar on a snowy winter night. We're not exactly sure why. It just is. Our Delta-8 Cinna Crunch Squares come packed with 400mg of Delta-8, but they're scored in quarters for easy sharing or enjoying later.



Bundled Deals:

13. Delta-8 Disposables

Delta-8 Disposables are up there with “hassle-free” gifts. They can be enjoyed right out of the box, with no accessories needed. And when it comes to flavors, we have a range that includes fruit and cannabis strain-inspired profiles made with natural terpenes.

12. Delta-8 Vape Juice

Is your recipient a Delta-8 and vapor enthusiast? Well, we don't have to spell it out for you. Our Strawberry Delta-8 Vape Juice is pretty much the best possible gift you can get them. Yes, the best possible gift. That's not an opinion. It's an objective fact. We recommend a pod-based system for our vape juice, particularly the Boulder Rock Pod System.

11. Delta-8 Carts

Does anything say "Christmas" like the colors red and green? What about Delta Red (Strawberry Cough) and Delta Green (Green Crack)? With Delta-8 carts, bliss is just a puff away, and a flavor change only requires a simple twist.

But don't forget. We all remember getting that time we got a cool light-up toy as a kid...but Santa forgot the batteries. It happens. So if your recipient doesn't have a 510 pen or you're not sure, you can always pick up an Ooze Slim Twist Battery.

10. Delta-8 Roll-On

Delta 8 Roll-On

Carrying gifts, packing the car, or even opening up plastic packaging can be effort. Give the gift of some hemp-derived relief that can be rolled on. Our Delta-8 Roll-On features the soothing and refreshing embrace of menthol paired with 1,000mg of Delta-8 THC. It can be applied on joints (body part), arms, legs, or just anywhere with skin and let it work its magic.

9. Delta-8 Tinctures

Tinctures are almost like getting two presents in one. Of course, you can use the dropper to take it sublingually (under your tongue) or, it can be used as an ingredient in cooking...or just added to any food to turn it into an edible. Peppermint hot chocolate is a Christmassy delight. But Mint Delta-8 Tincture hot chocolate? That's a whole other level of jolly.

Delta-8 Tincture Flavors:

Berry - 2nd Place High Times Hemp Cup Winner 2021





Delta 8 THC Tincture - Mint Flavor





Delta 8 THC Tincture - Natural Flavor

Delta 8 THC Tincture - Natural Flavor





Bundled Deals:

8. Delta-8 Rainbow Squares

Delta 8 Rainbow Squares

Don't knock socks (they're actually useful), but fruitcake? The worst Christmas gift. But we’re not here to dwell on problems. We offer solutions. So as a perfect alternative, we propose our Delta-8 Rainbow Squares. Yes. Fruity cereal bound with gooey marshmallow and 200mg of Delta-8 THC. A new Christmas tradition? We're all for it.



Bundled Deals:

7. Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares*

Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares

Maybe your recipient has a sweet tooth, but their pallet desires the rich decadence of chocolate. Or perhaps you want to leave Santa something special to dip in his milk. Our Select Spectrum Cocoa Squares are pure, gooey, chocolate goodness with 300mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC with 300mg of CBD along with minor cannabinoids.

*Legal in all 50 states

Bundled Deals:

6. Delta-8 Joints

Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolled Joints

Christmas is a holiday that has an element of nostalgia to it. And if there's any gift for a cannabis enthusiast that brings on this feeling, look no further than the classic, iconic joint. Our Delta-8 Joints are made with our premium Delta-8 Raygun flower and rolled to perfection for a smooth enjoyment. You might say they...wait for it...spark up memories.


Bundled Deals:

5. Delta-8 Capsules

Delta 8 Capsules

We can all use a bit of bliss every day, not just the holidays. Our Delta-8 Capsules come with 15mg of Delta-8 THC and with 30 capsules per bottle, there’s plenty of hemp-derived bliss to go around. Well actually, sugar-free hemp-derived bliss.

Bundled Deals:


4. Select Spectrum Gummies*

Select Spectrum Gummies (Strawberry)Select Spectrum Gummies (Pineapple)Select Spectrum Gummies (Mango)

*Legal in all 50 states

Sleighs and bells. Tinsel and lights. Egg and...nog? Christmas is full of classic pairings. Our Select Spectrum Gummies feature a 1:1 pairing of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and CBD along with minor cannabinoids. These cannabinoids stand well on their own. But, together, they can bring out an entourage of holiday bliss with mellow, fruity flavor.

Available Flavors:

Bundled Deals:

3. Delta-8 Max Gummies

Some of us need a bit of extra Christmas cheer to get going. And that's perfectly fine. Our Delta-8 Max Gummies are perfect for hemp enthusiasts who are a bit more experienced. Each gummy comes packed with 100mg of Delta-8 (four times the standard cheer packed in our Delta-8 gummies).

Bundled Deals:

2. Delta-8 Gummies

We don't pick favorites, but our customers do, our Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies 434 five-star reviews alone (as of this writing). In the Delta-8 community, there are fine lines drawn for many regarding smoking, vaping, or sometimes tinctures. But gummies? They're like the one item that unites all enthusiasts.

Available Flavors:

Bundled Deals:

1. Live Rosin Gummies*

*Legal in all 50 states

And now for our number one cannabis Christmas gift. As a gift, giving Live Rosin to a cannabis enthusiast is like giving an original pressing vinyl to an audiophile, black truffles to a foodie, or a vicuña wool sweater for someone who...likes to stay warm.

A cannabis connoisseur will tear off the gift wrap, see "Live Rosin" on the packaging, and immediately recognize the quality. And if they don't, they will recognize it when they try one of these gummies. Basically, Live Rosin is the top of the top shelf for cannabis.

Plus, for extra thoughtfulness we offer indica and sativa varieties. We suggest our Sativa Live Rosin Gummies for recipients who enjoy cannabis during the day, while going outdoors or for creative hobbies.

If your recipient is someone who enjoys hemp-derived THC at night, while kicking back with some headphones on, or on a streaming binge, we suggest our Indica Live Rosin Gummies.

Live Rosin Strains:

  • Indica - preferred at night

  • Sativa - preferred during the day

Bundled Deals:

Gifts For "Stoners"

In general, when purchasing Christmas gifts for "stoners," there are several factors that you want to consider.

Legality - You might be looking around for "weed" gifts for Christmas, but if you don't want to navigate around federal, state, and laws, you should look into hemp-derived Delta-9 THC which is legal in all 50 states. Delta-8 is legal in most states, but not all. However, if you're unsure, you can always check out this handy legality map.

Medium - Different enthusiasts have different preferences for how they enjoy their hemp-derived THC. If you're looking for "weed smokers" Christmas gifts, then Delta-8 joints make a great, widely legal alternative! However, some might not like to smoke anything. Others may prefer vapes. And some might not like either and opt for edibles instead.

If you know which medium your recipient prefers, gift selection is easy. However, if you're not sure, our safest bet is our Delta-8 Gummies or hemp-derived Delta-9 Gummies. Not only are they widely popular, but they fit many dietary restrictions as they are all vegan and gluten-free.

Flavor Preference - As with any consumable product, you're going to want to get something that matches your recipient's flavor preferences. There isn't much help we can offer if you don't know the flavor preference of your recipient. However, if they are a true cannabis enthusiast, you can't go wrong with the natural hemp flavor of our Live Rosin Gummies.

These are the main factors you will want to look into when buying "stoner" Christmas gifts. However, hemp-derived THC products make an excellent legal alternative to "weed" Christmas gifts in many states.

"Stoner" Gifts For Him

So perhaps you're shopping for Christmas "weed" gifts for a husband, dad, brother, son, or friend. Maybe you're stuck figuring out Christmas gift ideas for a “stoner” boyfriend. If you're shopping for a cannabis gift in particular for just any male 21 and older, there's a lot of flexibility.

Sure, there are accessories like pipes, etc. out there that may be marketed toward men, but when it comes to a joint vs. gummy or anything along those lines, it's not going to really matter.

If you're shopping for Christmas gifts for a “stoner” boyfriend, dad, brother, or anyone along those lines, your main focal points will be legality, medium, and flavor preference, as mentioned above.

"Stoner" Gifts For Her

Now you're wondering if you should get any particular items for your wife, mom, sister, daughter, or friend. When it comes to "stoner gifts for her," it's pretty much the same story as above.

There might be brands marketing pen batteries or other accessories toward women 21 and older. However, when it comes down to hemp-derived THC, there really isn't any reason why one might pick an item over another. Again, it will come down to legality, medium, and flavor preference.

The most important thing you need to consider is that you will want to avoid buying products containing THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoids for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant.

"Stoner" Gifts For Friends

So maybe you're looking for "weed" gifts for Christmas for a friend. Or perhaps you want to throw a "weed gifts" Christmas party/Secret Santa. Well, the good news is that hemp-derived THC offers an excellent widely legal cannabis alternative to marijuana in many states.

If you are buying gifts for a group of friends, or even a holiday get together, you’re going to want to check out Delta-8 and hemp-derived Delta-9 bundles. Many of these bundles offer a great variety for a range of preferences (that’s a bit easier on your wallet).

A Gift That Makes a Difference

Our veterans, our hometown heroes, face a wide range challenges that include PTSD, physical disability, homelessness, higher suicide rates, and much, much more.

And despite what they sacrificed for our country, they remain greatly underserved.

Since our founding in 2015, Hometown Hero has been donating a portion of proceeds from all of our products sold (year round) to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping veterans in need.

These organizations include:

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

  • The Disabled American Veterans

  • Soldiers’ Angels

  • Operation Finally Home

From providing rides to medical appointments to building homes for veterans and their families, these nonprofits change and even save lives.

Christmas is a time of giving and family. We hope that your recipient will not only find what they seek from hemp, but also the joy of knowing that their Christmas gift helped make a difference in the lives of U.S. veterans and their families.

To all U.S. veterans and those who have supported our cause, from all of us at Hometown Hero, we hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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